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A dat is a Day indeed

ok well i am going to attempt to make this thingy "cool" considering i get so much raves o how "cool" and "rad" livejournal is...so yea.

lets start out by talkin about my shitty day. yea well todayyy, im probably ganna see maya this morning....go run off & get mad high...ahahahahahahahahaa sorry out of the blue thing to say but : the other day @ burger king me & alex and some other kidd were trying to make the stoner spot in the back of BK livable......so we found a sea saw.....but Alex was way to stoned to move it.,..but one day itl be great!!! right so anyway.... then were ganna walk around town liek big idiots.... mhmm...i love her. then later on today i meeting johnny in town. were probly just ganna liek hookup the whole time but whatever floats his boat. :-)  OK SO THEN I  think i have to go home for liek an hour with my sis, and then im prob ganna go back into town && then me johnny i hope, cuz i blow him off way too much. liek waaayyy to much. but i guess i love hi anyway despite his stupidity & his perfectness. yea. bt this whole larry thing is getting pretty wild gosh, i wish id just sto flirting!!!! AHHHH!!!!! lol, well..... there was a nice little entree for you all to enjoy. but heres a link to    The better Site my Xanga     Stand_Inside_youRr_l0vEe <3 clickkie.


cutie tootie, jaymee dances in her tutu 24-7 & plays with dollies & no one can stop her.

Tags: hmmm what should the stoner spot be call

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