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Gimme Danger, little stranger... [entries|friends|calendar]
Ewan McGregor

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[26 May 2004|06:37pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Wow, so a little while ago I got off the phone with my very good friend Jonny. He's new around here, so be nice. *laughs*

But yeah, I did talk to him for a while, and wow. I can't believe how long its been since he and I have talked. 3..4 years perhaps? It still blows my mind that we've gone that long without saying hello. I just can't believe it.

It was really relieving to hear his voice on the other line today. I haven't really talked to too many people while I've been on the road, but out of all the people I've talked to, I'm so happy I talked to him. And uh..*laughs* from the way he sounded? I think he was fucking thrilled to talk to me. I love it when I make him giggle. Its hilarious.

I think hes gonna come out for a little while since his production was pushed back for a bit. I think my stomach just about dropped when he said that. I mean, thinking about that. Randomly talking to a long-lost friend, and suddenly making plans to get together? Its insane. I'm so excited to see him, you have no idea.

So..I'm still in random cities in Russia. I'm really getting used to it here. I think we're heading over to Mongolia in a few days. That'll be nice, seeing as its a bit different than Russia. Its really nice being on this trip with Charley. Hes one of the best guys I know, hands down. Even in the toughest of times, or anytimes we think we're fucked -- he can make us all laugh. Its great.

Only about a month and a half left of traveling, and then I get to settle down for a bit. Something I miss a lot is being lazy. I don't really get to do that anymore. Soon though, very soon.

So I've gotta head out for now. I'll talk to everyone later, hopefully.

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[21 May 2004|04:27pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Yep. I've come to the conclusion that the people here? Are amazing. They're so friendly and welcoming, which I really enjoy.

So yesterday I met up with a few people like Orli, Damon, Viggo, Dom and a few others. It was really nice to see Dom again, because it feels like I haven't seen that bastard in AGES. And he still calls me Ewan-Brownies. I love it.

So as you all know -- I'm still travelling my arse off. We're wrapping it up in Mid-July, and the show airs in the early Autumn. I'm really excited about all of this, but Jesus. I feel like I'm losing weight every single day!! I've lost at least 15 pounds since I've started this thing. And I haven't shaved in weeks, not that I really mind. But I'm so ridiculously scruffy right now, its not even funny.

OH! OH! OH! CUCUMBER IS HERE. I'm so excited. And if you don't know who he is? That would be Matt Perry. Hes the fucking man. No lie. God. There are so many amazing people around here, I love it. And you know what? I think I'm seeing a Jonny somewhere around here. *Insert ridiculous grin here*

SO. I have to run, because we need to get moving again. But I'll give you all a call later.

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[19 May 2004|10:54pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I finally got myself one of these things. Finally.

So -- the names Ewan McGregor, I'm 33, single and looking for a good time. Whoa, scratch that last part. I'm residing right now in London, England, but I'm originally from Crieff, Scotland; my birthplace.

Right now...at this moment in time, I'm not really in London. My good friend Charley Boorman and I are riding our motorcycles around the "world", basically -- hitting places like Russia, Mongolia and Alaska on our way. Its going to be turned into a tv show, in fact..sometime within the year. If you want to know more about it? Go here, so I stop gushing about it. It is amazing though. I'm in Russia right now, and its just a bloody beautiful place. I feel so much more in contact with nature than ever.

Hmm, right. Well..a little backround about myself would do some good. So, I've been acting since I was a wee lad, but I officially dropped out of high school when I was 16 to pursue a full acting career. Mum and dad were quite supportive, in fact -- which really helped me in the long run. I studied drama for a year at Kirkcaldly, and went over to Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London for a few years. I ended up catching myself a role, and I think thats when it really hit me how much I wanted to act, even though it was a complete bloody flop.

But, since then I've really fallen in love with the whole thing. And I'm sure you've seen me in at least one movie. I've been in A Life Less Ordinary with Cameron Diaz, Velvet Goldmine with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Christian Bale, Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: Episodes I & II, but I'm sure you all know me as the love sick puppy, Christian in Moulin Rouge! with the lovely Nicole Kidman. I've been in a few others such as Blackhawk Down with Orlando Bloom and Josh Hartnett, and!! Young Adam was just release into U.S. theatres as well as Big Fish being released on video! So you should check those out if you get the chance.

Acting isn't my only passion, though. I'm infatuated with motorcyles, whether it be riding, assembling, collecting, or just observing...I think they're amazing. Which is probably why I'm so damn happy riding out on the road like this. I also have this strange fascination with polar bears. I'm not sure why -- but they're gorgeous animals. And...another huge passion of mine, is singing. I've always had this small dream in the back of my head of being a 'Rock-Star', but I've never taken a step into doing it. And yes, that really is my voice in Emma, Moulin Rouge!, A Life Less Ordinary, and Velvet Goldmine. I also play a bit of the French Horn, but that was back in the day.

I've got myself two daughters, Esther Rose and Clara Mathilde, with my wife ex-wife, Eve. They're my little bundles of joy, my life. You'll hear me talking about them a lot, I'm sure. But if you're all GASP IN SHOCK AND HORROR! about Eve and I? Don't be. Things can only last so long. We're still close, because of the girls, obviously...but things are still a wee bit awkward.

So, now that you've heard me drabble on about my life, why don't you give me a call? The numbers Whoa its Ewan, and you can reach me anytime. I love meeting new people, and just being friendly. Oh, and by the way? Its You-In. THATS how you say it. And another thing? Don't ask about my eye color.


PS. *Squints* I see a...Dom, Orli, and a Matt!!

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