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_martinikissesx's Journal

28 December
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acting, adam brody, adreneline rushes, ambition, angelina jolie, annalene beechey, arctic monkeys, ashley olsen, audrey hepburn, beautiful people, benefit make up, books, bright eyes, cassidy janson, chanel, chloe, chocolate, closer, clothes, cold mountain, coldplay, confidence, couture, dancing, davina mccall, delta goodrem, desperate housewives, dior, disney, drama, dreams, eden espinosa, ellen pompeo, elphaba, evangeline lilly, eyeliner, fairylights, fantasies, fashion, fiction, films, geeks, gemma ward, girl interupted, glinda, h&m, handbags, happy endings, hearts, hot chocolate, hugs, ian sommerholder, icons, idina menzel, imogen heap, inspiration, johnny depp, josh holloway, kasabian, kate and jack, kate hudson, kate moss, kate walsh, kate winslet, katherine heigl, katie rowley jones, kerry ellis, kissing, kristin chenoweth, lilia kopylova, lily cole, literature, lost, love stories, lucky charms, marc jacobs, marshmallows, mary-kate olsen, mascara, maureen johnson, mean girls, megan hilty, modeling, models, moulin rouge, music, musicals, my friends, my mom, naomi watts, natalie portman, nicole kidman, nicole richie, nip/tuck, notting hill, parties, passion, photography, pink, poetry, pretty shoes, quotes, rachel bilson, rachel mcadams, rachel weisz, rent, rilo kiley, rollercoasters, romance, running, sara cox, sarah parish, sarcasm, sethummer, sharon osbourne, shona white, shooting stars, shopping, sienna miller, singing, sophia bush, style, sunsets, supermodels, the catwalk, the killers, the last five years, the magic numbers, the mummy returns, the oc, the olsen twins, theatre, tinkerbell, topshop, trampolining, v for vendetta, vintage, vodka, wicked, words, writing, yves saint laurent