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 log of tuesdaythoughtnotesofangerandfluff tuesday, february 17, 2008




12:15 pm - why do people have to bring their kids to school. this is a college not a damn nursery school


12:16 pm - i have some wonderful coffee and cookies right now. nom nom nom. ("who's num yummy?" ahaha. lol)


12:30 pm - shut your damn kid up! 


12:35 pm - mullin, get to the point! you be going off about the halloween industry. get to role conflict!


12:47 pm - lolz mullin! going off about murdering the kids! he's a riot, you know. starting w/ the youngest first!


12:50 pm - i ain't paying thousands of dollars to hear kids chatter. stupid people, not my fault you couldn't keep your legs shut. leave your kid at home.




1:30 pm - i think my next class might be 1 floor below the room i'm waiting in front of.


art history


2:10 pm - so it was 1 floor below. how could i forget? ah. here's mauro. i should pay attention!


3:38 pm - art class is so boring, so it's quite unfortunate that the internet is down on this floor. qcc students are so dumb; it's obviously an offering of some sort, you stupid shit. stop playing your game and answer the damn question.


3:41 pm - fiff and poo. battery is going to die soon! meep. how will i take notes! @ 12% batter life.


3:45 pm - talking about a vase. *snore* religious depiction of the goings on in a ziggurat (massive religious temple of sorts). now prof. talking about how sumerians were way advanced compared to the cavemen of europe. whities weren't always leader in global societies.


3:50 pm - anthropomorphizing an animal... i prefer anthropomorphic anpan buns imo. lolz @ japanese creativity w/ anpanman! blah blah. something about reasoning with the sun. only 9% battery life. :(


3:55 pm - ah. got the computer plugged in! infinite batter life for the time being. much thanks to the bloke sitting next to me. now prof. is going off about something to do with a bowl in which ancient chinese culture [yangshao] in which they bury babies! now we're talkin'!


4:00 pm - i've decided to take my notes much like how i write this log. that is, ecstatically. 


4:03 pm - we're @ egypt now. talking about first egyptian ruler, narmer. oh, the boys were girls w/ make-up wearing back in ancient egypt. wearing the bowling pin hat, upper or lower?


4:10 pm - oh, other side he's wearing the bowl-like hat. that's apparently lower egypt... he was pharaoh of both. good for him. this class is more boring than sociology, no wonder my thoughts go astray... mac is charged to 38%.


4:20 pm - been 10 minutes. gosh golly! getting a text. it was from ash. just asking what's up in class. nothing as usual. 


4:22 pm - ancient propaganda, oh widdle.


4:25 pm - stele of hammurabi. it's apparently very important. ashley would cream her pants @ this. hammurabi communicating with sun god, shamash. zomigosh!  hammurabi's code! 


4:31 pm - "zomigosh" isn't a babylonian name it's a net form of an "oh my gosh!" although it looks like it could be the name of an ancient babylonian god or leader... lol! 


4:35 pm - now we're off on a tangent, about history depends on who tells it. honest abe? saint and savior of the union, or fascist tyrant? we report, you decide.


4:45 pm - class is over! yay.


this is like a twitter type log thingy i keep on tuesdays, the only day i bring my computer to class. this is from last week.


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