- (_marquis) wrote,

Brodaway? Thataway!

The MTA just fixed the 70 year old typo, along the Brooklyn G line, that we New Yorkers have have long been amused by and grown to love. It isn't as though people are going to be confused by the one sign misspelt, there are 900 other 'Broadway' signs and fairly clear announcements. Of all the the work that needs to be done on a line with such decrepit stations like 21st Street, but they fix a typo? However, the joke that is the MTA can't be bothered with even the light gardening at Smith and 9th! 

And by 'light gardening' I mean pulling the plethora of weeds growing atop the highest El.

Please, MTA, restore the 'Brodaway' right away.


gothamist.com's ongoing search for subway sign typos. Very funny. I like how they urge the MTA not to fix these errors as it is expensive (double that price 'cause it's the MTA!) and are quite funny. I love the Uptown & Queeens one!


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