G20 day detention

Habitual trawlers of StreetView will have beaten me to this, however...

President Obama flew into London today for the G20 summit – and he’s staying in Winfield House, the official residence of the US ambassador to Britain.

It’s a grand property on the Outer Circle of Regent’s Park – and has the second biggest enclosed garden in inner London, behind that of Buckingham Palace. It’s situated close to the Regent’s Park Mosque and a host of other official residences; a sensitive area, certainly.

Clearly, driving around in a black car with a large camera mounted atop a four-foot pole is an efficient way of attracting attention. Particularly when outside the residence of the official envoy and occasional put-me-up buddy of the President of the United States - as evidenced by these StreetView shots of the Google car getting pulled over by Police opposite the entrance to Obama's mate's driveway:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Meanwhile, to mark the occasion of the G20 summit tomorrow, I plan to come into work armed with a sturdy, long, pointy umbrella with a useful crook handle - whether it's raining or not.

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Landed somewhat dramatically at La Guardia yesterday amidst wind that had shut the airport for much of the previous day and seen half the morning's other flights from Toronto cancelled or turned back.

The bridges across the East and Hudson rivers had been closed and a freight train had been overturned. Learned later from CNN that an airliner on a similar route had crashed upstate. Probably wouldn't have bothered with the trip down here if I'd known this a few hours earlier.

In retrospect I was glad I didn't possess this information during the approach, as my plane bounced, thumped and shuddered its way towards a small runway within a vast built-up area.

All seem to say/Throw cares away

Christmas once again; so, what's happened this year?

First, my usericon has become a good two years out of date and possibly renders me liable to prosecution under the Description of Goods and Services act.

Second, and contrary to the general global economic gloom, it's been my most rewardinig year ever - in a number of ways, tangible and intangible.

Third, I've mended some bridges and confronted some ogres - as opposed to mending some ogres and confronting some helpful bridges, which has been latterly my way.

Fourth, I've turned thirty - a harrowing happening if ever there was one. That said, I'm finding the gravitas that accompanies age a useful ally in these uncertain times.

What plans for the New Year? First, finally purchase a London property; second, live healthier; third, sustain and enhance a core of inner authenticity that has lately felt so life-enhancing.

2009: bring it on.
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"What the bloody hell do you mean you haven't got my ticket?", shouted Richard to the polite lady at Eurostar, before legging it through check-in and boarding the 08:06 to Brussels from St. Pancras.

Such was the jolly start to my day. Fortunately breakfast on board resolved much of the unpleasantness, as did the unimpeded high-speed sprint towards our European capital.

HS1, as the Channel Tunnel Rail Link is now known, is indeed a wonder. In the time it would take you to reach Heathrow and get to the front of the "no liquids over 100ml" queue, you can be in the heart of Paris or Brussels. Furthermore, when travelling in the spacious part of the train you get waited on hand and foot and get to practice your appalling French at people who are paid to not correct your pronounciation.

Thundering past Lakeside Shopping Centre at 155mph is definitely the optimal way to experience the popular South Essex retail destination.
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What's happened recently? Had a fairly satisfactory fight in Westminster with two chaps who wanted to steal my Breitling. The response time of Belgravia Police Station is to be commended - by the time Her Majesty's finest arrived one was in need of medical attention and achieved the double stigma of being both arrested and ambulanced away. Later I got a lift home in a Police car. Splendid. That's what I pay my taxes for. The one that got away got my blackberry though - and a rather nice leather bag. He left his mate to take a clobbering - most dishonourable.

Got a spanking new job in the City. Going rather well.

Pseudo-Military Swotocracy

Ever notice how in Starfleet everyone’s record is always “exemplary” – it’s sickeningly preppy.

The high-ranking officer never says “Only 6 months in that posting – what happened?” or “I hear you fucked that one up!”.

“Your scores at the Academy were average – and you graduated around the middle of your class.”

Boring swots.