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The 4th in a series of evenings celebrating experimentation and innovation in poetics and fiction writing.

The Langoustine est morte series continues with another night of eclectic literature, music and performance with an international, multi-lingual scope. This month features an all female line up with performances by Valeria Melchioretto, Sundra Lawrence, Sascha Akhtar, Sophie Robinson and Lane Ashfeldt. Hosted by Sascha Akhtar.

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others = me. I'll be on for a few minutes towards the beginning of the evening. Come along if you're around there are some great poets reading.
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bored bored bored bored bored bored bored.

My life is on hold but for what, when I spend all day every day procrastinating?? I still have 6000 words to write! And a magazine to put together/edit! And poems to rehearse! And a philosophy essay to write! In 12 days! And I'm typing on livejournal! And using so many excalamation marks! And I can't spell! And I'm a soon-to-be English graduate!

Oh well.


Your gentle toes always
(in my mouth?)

stroke them through your sock once, twice...

dreaming; I miss you.

Someone fetch me
a recipie for

someone talk to me! How are all of you f list people? xx

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boring boring boring life!

Reading week is one long essay-writing hell. My dissertation is on Anaïs Nin's erotic short stories and whilst that seemed fun a year ago, after all this research I have got far too much to say and can't even begin writing. Have written 2000 words in a week, which is crap especially seeing as I have the week off work! The plan was to have the first draft finished by the end of the week but seeing as I'm only one fifth of the way there, and tomorrow I'm meeting my Dad in London then going to a poetry reading, and on Sat and Sun am writing my presentation on Kristeva for Monday with Rosheen, the week is pretty much over. The general feeling is 'AAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!'. And that's a technical term.

In positive news, Dell gave me a first for my poetry portfolio and I got a nice ego massage from her, so that boosted my confidence a bit, but the portfolio doesn't count for anything and the thought that I am going to be assessed on poetry I haven't even written yet is a little scary. Plus senate house is the most evil library ever, it's so oppressive and makes me want to cry, and I know I will be spending a LOT of time there over Easter. Founders library (our on-campus arts library) is so cool and gothic and beautiful but unfortunately doesn't have the resources I need.

God, this entry is boring me to death! Apologies for the lack of anything exciting, f list, if any of you still read this at all!

Oh I forgot, one exciting thing! A girl kissed me. But it's not going to go anywhere. I'm such a loser but I can't afford to get distracted at the moment, not for a fling anyway (which this would be, there's no amazing connection there or anything). So now she keeps texting me and I'm avoiding her, how mature of me. Gah.

Tomorrow = lunch with Dad, drinks with Ian and poetry in the evening. Funfunfun.

Au revoir x x x

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You scored as Rock Garden. You live in the Rock Garden. This is a place of free-wheeling ideals and spontenaity, where nothing requires water or obligation. You can find your eternal youth here. The songs found in the Rock Garden are "Cars and Guitars", "Witness", and "Hoochie Woman".


Rock Garden


Elixirs and Herbs Garden


Desert Garden


The Orchard


The Greenhouse


Roses and Thorns Garden


Which Beekeeper Garden do you live in?
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