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We Are Jazz   
10:21am 19/08/2005
  So, here is another installment of Manray. Now with trumpet and in 5.1 surround.

The song is called Love Removal Machine. I learnt that the title has been used before by 'the cult'. I haven't heard the song and I don't particularly care to. I have read the lyrics however and they are mediocre to say the least. So, I think it's safe to say that, Manray's version of 'love removal machine' is the ONLY version of it. Do not feel the pull of those pseudo musicians in teh cult. Download and hear for yourself.

Ps: That's 2.4 k worth of metal you're listening to. Nice cymbals Paul. Nice tone Russ.
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06:44pm 12/05/2005
mood: nerdy

personally, this poem works best when recited with the voice of Rick, from the young ones.

Bye now, eMO's!
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02:21pm 04/05/2005
  To all the ladies out there...

Would you like those fast hands inside you?
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Enjoy Coke, Enjoy Allod. (tm)   
01:00am 16/04/2005
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01:13am 09/04/2005

I've nothing more to say.
11:54pm 01/04/2005
  sophomoric \sahf-MOR-ik\ adjective

*1 : conceited and overconfident of knowledge but poorly informed and immature

Couldn't have said it any better myself.

= ]
04:05pm 30/03/2005
  look what i found in the carmen san diego 'carmen.dat' file. just, randomly in there, there's this WEIRD conversation.

Information What city, please? 911 If it's a REAL emergency, you had better find a REAL phone! Operator I'm sorry. 976 numbers are blocked out by your video phone. It seems somebody ran up quite a bill recently. Information What city, please? Glenn Sorry, can't talk right now. You know, this game would be even better if it had the NEW toolbox in it. Lance Leave me a message at the beep. What are you doing calling me at home anyway. You know I'm always at work! Tony I haven't got time to talk. The network's down again. Leila I think the graphics are the best part of this product. But then again, I AM the Graphic Goddess! Janese Sorry, I'm busy now. Call me later. When's the softball game? Barbara Kona and I aren't home now, but we'll return your call soon. Kim No time to chit-chat. I'm on my way out the door to do some serious windsurfing and relaxing. I've earned it! Laurie Well, I'm off to the gym. But we'll have Thai food soon. Really. I promise! Christa Oh, it's so SPECIAL that you called. Let's do lunch. Or maybe beer and pizza after volleyball. Jeff Well, I guess your install program worked. Mondays, Thursdays, what's the difference? Tom Howdy Dude! Gee, these digital sounds and MIDI music sound great, don't they? MY department did all of it, don't you know? Michelle Hi. This is Michelle. I'm not home right now because I'm taking a well-deserved vacation away from programmers. Jonelle Hi. This is Jonelle. I'm not home right now because I'm taking a well-deserved vacation. We ARE done aren't we? Michael Hold it right there. Leave me a message and I'll call you back. John The folks in my department sure put out a GREAT product, don't they? Tom If you think this product looks good, just wait until Han Solo ships. Brderbund Software Thanks for calling. We are dedicated to bringing you the finest software for your home computer. Tech Support If you truly need technical assistance with this product, try using a real phone. Thanks! Maureen I can't get to the phone right now. I'm off on yet another free-lance job. Louis O.K., so it's good. But is it an ORIGINAL product? Alan Looks great. I can't wait for the Nintendo version. Rod I can't talk now. I'm STILL working on Algebra. HELP!!!!!! Matt I ain't no JUNIOR programmer, ya' know! Bob I like the way the plane flies behind the continents. How did you do that with the standard ODDS drawing modes? J.C. Bug free???? Ha! If I just had a LITTLE more time... Joel Hi. I'm not here right now, so I'll call you back later. But your Treehouse graphics are ready. Why aren't you? Nancee I can't talk right now. I'm just on my way out the door to pick up ANOTHER cake. Brian How come you finished this product so much faster than Prince of Persia? Rob Are you SURE you don't want any kittens? Dave Trust me! The Raiders will go all the way. Chris Niners! Niners! Niners! Threepeat! Threepeat! Threepeat! Operator At the beep, Pacific Standard Time will be. . .Oh never mind! You just can't trust PC clock chips!
02:00pm 30/03/2005

There you go. Anyone who would like to come along can. It's not my gig, it's a friends exhibition. However, i am performing there on the opening night. I'll be naked and painted with my guitar, microphone and some Antonin Artaud quotes.
11:17am 24/03/2005
  You know what i hate? I'll tell you. People who write poetry or any creative writing and don't know enough about narrative structure or narrative techniques to create 'sub-meanings' through that narrative structure.

Example : Every single fucking 'poet' is always writing in 3rd person. That is, they're imposing an omniscient narrator upon the narrative. In using 3rd person narrative, the 'story' can be told in absolutely anyway possible. The narrator has 'all-the-power' and gives no power to the narrative itself.

for instance, a 17 year old girl writes a poem, it goes...

...And her rose red fingertips reached across the shadowy pond,
The gold trimmed curtains dance as the tempremental breeze cuts through them,
and there were elves and trolls and many things, so many things that i can choose any, i am all powerful and this is MY narrative.

When on fucking earth will people learn to get outside of their perspective? Writing is a very powerful thing, why don't people use it to investigate how different minds, see different things? If one MUST stay in a static 3rd person narrative, they can try focalising through a character in the story which inflates that character with authorial power. By doing this, the authorial power is broken down somewhat and redirected. This narrative technique serves to add a new dimension to the narrative and makes it INTERESTING. Staying in 3rd person and describing stuff is just extremely simple narrative structure and all meaning is within the linguistic descriptions of that fictional world. To make writing really far reaching in terms of construction of meaning, i think one needs to try a bit harder than simply recounting a particular scene with flowery language smattered on top. There are so many interesting ways to present a narrative, why do some only present it in ONE WAY? What about a narrative that involves a dialogue between a fictional character and the omniscient narrator? Then, you've not only got the linguistic meanings to play with, you've also got a juxtaposition of narrator and character. This again dissolves those AGE OLD power relations of the authorial power and promotes a 'self conscious' narrative. The character is CONSCIOUS that they are being created through language. The NARRATOR is conscious that they are creating the character through language. The narrative is conscious of its own construction. Author + character + plot = narrative. On top of that, a character being conscious of their own construction also destabilises the authors 'identity', by subsuming the author into the narrative. That's just one example, there are HEAPS AND HEAPS AND HEAPS! Yet, i still see those teens parading around that static 3rd person narrative like it's a fucking masterpiece. It doesn't end there unfortunately. It's not just in 3rd person, but all the metaphors are cliches, all the language is goo-goo-gaa-gaa-i'm a fucking depressed poet, moan moan moan, let me out of this horrible existence and allow me to make things like CURTAINS seem magical and mysterious. Give me a fucking break, dancing curtains? with gold trims no less. such mindless shit.

Now, lets talk about GOOD WRITING.

I'm reading the odyssey at the moment. Homer uses a bard to represent himself. The bard is blind and tells the most glorious stories in all the land. Now, this Bard serves as a self reflexive narratological element that allows Homer to refer to himself. However, Homer isn't merely refering to himself as a whole, he is refering to himself as a STORY TELLER, or as an AUTHOR. In terms of good writing, this representation of the author is so much more refined than just describing a 'scene' from 3rd person perspective. It takes a bit of thinking and UNDERSTANDING of narrative structures to re-mould and redirect your relationship to the story being told. Unlike the example above, which merely refers to the experiences of a character being told from 3rd person perspective. Homer has a very distinct connection with the bard, that is, the bard is a representation of homer as an author. The bard is not HOMER, but the bard refers to Homer through the concept of a 'story teller'. This is in my opinion, the difference between great writing and crap writing. The author fragments themselves throughout the narrative. It's just so unrefined to describe shit using flowery language, without any attempt to create a depth in the narrative through perspective, not to mention other techniques such as delay, ellipses, prolepsis(flash forward) analepsis (flash back)etc. That's not good poetry or writing, that's a verbose version of someone's personal thoughts. That's not a narrative, that's a personal recount of stuff. It doesn't get out of that egocentric mode, it should be called, 'selfish narrative'. So, next time you sit down to write some poetry, consider the ways in which point of view and narratological structure serve to create meaning. You can create meaning in many ways, not just by merely being descriptive. You can play with the readers expectations. You can play with the expectations of characters within the story. What i'm driving at is basically, allow your writing to have it's own form of consciousness. Allow the writing to 'think' for itself instead of imposing your authorial perspective all over it, it's just fucking boring.
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11:05am 24/03/2005
  The other woman,
has time to manicure her nails,
the other woman,
smells of french perfume,
but she's lonely,
she's got the blues,
cos i've got you under my skin,
got you deep in the heart of me,
i've got you under my skin,
it's just too much for me,
tell me baby why can't you see.

cos i'm seeing things,
cos i'm seeing things,
and aren't you seeing this?
cos i'm seeing this.

cos i'm seeing things,
cos i'm seeing things,
like manray,
like manray,
cos i'm seeing this,
don't you see this?
aren't you seeing this?
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The Yellow Brick Road.   
09:18pm 21/03/2005
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05:49pm 20/03/2005

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01:26pm 20/03/2005
God is love, GOD IS LOVE!

So give him love, GIVE HIM LOVE! (echo) in the bum, in the bum.

so, this week, what a week! This stupid motherfucker from next door, complained again. Oh yes. So, on top of acoustic guitar and singing, music playing at 4:30pm, people making noise on mardi gras night at 12:30, they also have a problem with a tipped over bin on the foot path. about.... 6 meters from their front door. Oh, it's a 'health hazard' she says. Well, my god woman, you wouldn't want a health hazard in the middle of the city, 100 meters away from a HUGE restaurant strip. No no no no, imagine how many people would die if garbage is left lying around! Don't worry about those syringes in the neighbourhood garden, they're not a health hazard, are they?

So, me being, me... i started attacking the neighbours on a personal basis.

'you are fascists' i say,
'do you vote liberal?' i ask,
'do you have an artistic bone in your body?' i proclaim,
'go and wipe down your benches again' i urge,
all the while, when i have 'D.I.N.K' spray painted in reverse on my brushwood deck fence, so they can read it everytime they go outside. 'DINK' they'll see and DOUBLE INCOME NO KIDS i'll mean. These people are spiritually barren. They're so, straight. I also told the lady that if his husband gets all 'modern ape' on me again, i'll rip his nuts off and shove them up his arse. I thought mister ape man would be all - 'i'll show that fucking kid *rah rah rah*' but so far, he hasn't even come to the door to have a whinge. I don't think it's cos i'm physically imposing, i just think it's because, whenever i say things that are violent, i usually say them when i'm withdrawing from my zoloft, which means i probably look INSANE enough to actually do it.

yes yes, anyway.

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01:02am 18/03/2005
  i've been doing a lot of writing lately. Uni has my mind in over drive and i'm finding being the 'master of my own ship' to be very spacious in terms of life direction/choice.

so, here's my theory on the originality of music. it's quite philosophical, so, beware!

what i do as a musician is attempt to attack the idea that anything is original, by quoting from multiple references and adjoining them so they become a combination of an idea. This project then, refutes musical originality through meaning systems and musical structures, in so far as - originality defined is 'something that has never been done before' or 'a new combination of pre discovered ideas'. Then it must follow that music by its very theoretical nature is completely unoriginal. For as long as we can imagine or (score) define any note that could ever be 'physically played', we must recognise that the medium by which we express our ideas in, is completely adjoined with 'old ideas' or 'notes' that have been preconceived, allbeit under different musical circumstances.

My own feelings about originality have more to do with leaving a 'theoretical gap', where notes are heard, not written. That way, every note you hear is always new. You may be able to sing the note and say, 'that note sounds like 'this''. However your hearing (the musician's organ) must first experience that note, then define it. In this way, music re-writes itself as pure sound. As text, or as score, all the notes that you can ever play exist before you play them and hence, the music someone plays according to a score is completely preorganised - unoriginal. Hence, by eliminating knowledge of musical theory, your are also eliminating music as a preconceived idea. Think of a child hearing a note for the first time. To that child, that note is completely original, to someone who has heard it before and knows where it sits on a stave, that note is merely the representation of a theoretical framework of musical sounds/notes. So, we must then as musicians strive to make every note new to our ear and do away with 'experiencing' them before they happen. This is the power of improvisation. Through improvisation, music is given its own psyche, communication through music or 'sound' allows the music to think for itself and choose its own sonic paths. Whilst each note that each musician is playing can be strictly defined as a 'pre conceived idea', (defined on one of those useful musical maps we call a stave or in the mind of a person) The notes are none the less, 'unknown' until they are played. The sound of the notes, invents the idea of themselves. If we don't know what comes next, then the only authority in answering what comes next is the note itself. Put simply, for music to be 'unknown' is to give music its own free will. This 'free will' I contend allows music to be original, in so far as it no longer can be defined until the note is heard. The note writes itself, the human does not write the note.

It is then, making the 'musical circumstances' or 'communication in sound' the primary tool of the original musician. To use a specific moment in time to give birth to a note through an instrument which is unknown to the world until it is played. That hyper-specific situation where a note is played in space and time, under certain musical circumstances. Where the 'event' of the note is the first experience of that specific note, at that specific point in time, under those specific musical circumstances. The unknown gives the musician the power of an observer, not merely a creator. It is this form of music, (unknown music) that can be the only true form of musical originality, not even the creator has conceived of this specific musical instance before.

and so that's it..

12:41pm 10/02/2005
  wellie wellie wellie. Another fine outing with my boys. A pretty good gig for a 3 set show. Mind you, we were all as buggered as could be at the end of it, especially neil. poor noolio. I think i should probably stop writing in this journal in such a personal voice, no one has ANY idea what you're talking about. So, to clarify! Me and the boys, that is Paul and Neil, my two droogs, my brothers, no less. Plus me, that is Rory, played at the excelsior in glebe last night. Spreading our brand of new jazz around the country side. it was a good show. From 830pm to 1130pm. We had quite a few people there who appreciated our efforts. So. If YOU would like to 'appreciate our efforts' you can see us on the last two saturday's of the month from 830pm - 1130pm at the Excelsior in glebe.

Anyway, that's my story. You can also see the website for further details, song downloads, mailing list, etc, etc.
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10:34pm 08/01/2005

this is a post for tabula. i'm sure she's already heard of the dresdan dolls, but, just incase she hasn't, she can have a looksee/listen. In my opinion, it's a classy version of the yeah yeah yeahs. Brechtian punk cabaret. which is MARVELLOUS. even though i'm not sure what that is. however, the songs are good. the vocals are GREAT. a good balance of CONCEPT and CONTENT. so, tabula, try them out if you haven't, you'll like them, i know you will.
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Merry fucking Vallium needing, OCD Females.   
03:04am 26/12/2004
  Well well well. i know it's a cliche and something EVERYONE mutters most years, but. Worst christmas ever. My family are so Obsessive Compulsive that i didn't get 5 seconds without them freaking out about my little dog. My grandmother said 'take the stupid dog home'. I'd been there for about half an hour, greeted the relatives i liked, ignored the ones i didn't like and then left, on the back of my grandmother's comment. No need for goodbyes. As for future 'hellos', fuck that, they wont be seeing me for a VERY long time. That includes my mother. She's just another female in the family dealing with OCD and i'm just bored of it. So, i'm looking forward to the new year. I'm moving out, the band looks set to play LOTS of gigs and to my family, i'll be a phantom. All except for Paul, my brother, whom i love dearly. Anyway, that's about all i have to say really. i'm trying to keep this journal strictly 'band orientated' as i've never got anything very interesting to say. Take care in the new year troopers.

03:42am 20/12/2004
  it really sucks being autistic. so i don't end up on the streets, go to http://manray.rr.nu and feed the starving. or at the very least, support my smoking so i can die sooner rather than later.  
10:19am 09/12/2004
  I'm not the answer, the answer's clear.

The Answer's Clear.mp3
05:08pm 06/12/2004
  I see, twisted colours, watching me,
I see, Influenza, falling free.

We have a mindset, certainly mind set, yes we are.
Pick up your pieces, pick up your pieces, we're falling apart.

I see, anger, when you're happy, when you're happy,
Bitter, bite-down, try to keep her, from falling apart.

We have a mindset, certainly mind set, yes we are.
Pick up your pieces, pick up your pieces, we're falling apart.

Take my hand and you'll never be alone.

Influenza : A song.