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A manniqueen of depression

With the face of a dead star

<| Sixx |>

About Me
My name is Claudia, i'm 20 years old,i have blonde hair with green eyes. I work in a store and i love my job very much. Next to my job i go to school once a week to get a diploma for store manager. I love to watch movies and listen to music and daydream. My journal is Friends Only, but if you would like to add me, you are welcome to do so and i will add you back!

Favorite Music:
Motley Crue.KISS.Aerosmith.Guns 'n Roses.Fleetwood Mac.The Police.The Cure.Stevie Nicks.Cher.Van Morrison.Heart.Eurythmics.Marilyn Manson.Nine Inch Nails.Placebo.Cheap Trick.Golfrapp.Rammstein.The Runaways.Dire Straits.Peter Gabriel.U2.Bruce Springsteen.Genesis.Phil Collins.Wednesday 13.Rob Zombie.Skid Row.Bryan adams.Tina Turner.Blondie.

Favorite Movies:
Lolita.Ginger Snaps Trilogy.Beetlejuice.Edward Scissorhands.Thirteen.Mermaids.Ghost Busters.Pretty in Pink.The Breakfast Club.Sixteen Candles.American beauty.Girl Interrupted.Freeway.Love Actually.Ghost World.Pulp Fiction.The Virgin Suicides.Lost in Translation.Van Helsing.Moonstruck.Dirty Dancing.The Lost Boys.Mystic Pizza.From Dusk till Dawn.Amy & Isabelle.The Witches of Eastwick.Wolf.Beautiful Girls.Lost and Delirious.Corpse Bride.The Black Dahlia.Reservoir Dogs.Casino Royale.Sleepy Hollow.Empire Records.The Illusionist.The Prestige.Down in the Valley.The Crush.Devil in the Flesh.Marie Antoinette.Prozac Nation.Girl with the Pearl Earring.Gimme an F.Poison Ivy.Poison Ivy II.Benny and Joon.Out of Sight.Thelma and Louise.The Dreamers.V for Vendetta.Death Proof.The Number 23.Black Snake Moan.When a man loves a woman.The Ballad of Jack and Rose.Freeway.Cherry Falls.Man on Fire.Terminator.White Oleander.Desperately Seeking susan.Escape from New York.Escape from LA.MatchStick Men.Cape Fear.Ghost Rider.Kramer vs. Kramer.Disturbia.The Bourne Identity.Ghost.

The Dirt by Motley Crue.
The Long Hard Road out of Hell by Marilyn Manson.
Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov.
Belinda by Anne Rice.
The Holy Innocents by Gilbert Adair.
The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy.
Amy & Isabelle by Elizabeth Strout.
Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling.
Elvis and me by Priscilla Presley.
White Oleander by Janet Fitch.

The Closer.ER.Grey's Anatomy.Gilmore Girls.Charmed.Buffy the Vampire Slayer.The Ghost Whisperer.Medium.Prison break.Dead Like Me.Sex and the City.Alias.Roswell.Bones.CSI.Once and Again.Invasion.

Nikki Sixx.Rose McGowan.Jeremy Irons.Dita Von Teese.Robert de Niro.Michael Biehn.Brittany Murphy.Michael Madsen.Nicolas Cage.William Fichtner.Gabriel Byrne.David Tennant.Stephen Rea.Kyra Sedgwick.Liam Neeson.Mia Kirshner.Sean Bean.Goran Vinjic.David Morse.Clive Owen.Alexis Dziena.Josh Brolin.Milo Ventimiglia.David Bowie.

Grey.Black.Dark Red