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Your Stripper Info by radioface
first name
Stripper Name:Skipper
Specialty:climbing the pole
Customers say:"Can i pretend yer my gf?"
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Your Love Situation
by Amberishjewel
Your Love Is...Gentle
During Lovemaking You Act...Like a vampire, very seductive
Your Partner Is...Your support
Your Partner Has Said That You...Are their best friend
Your Love is Summed Up In A Quote."I love thee wild with desire"
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What Are You Most Likely to Utter During Sex
by UMAJohnnie
Most Likely to Say"Why no, I'm not Jewish."
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Your Love Life by lpfloatsmyboat
favorite color:
best physical quaility:hair
best personality trait:caring
will you marry your bf/gf that you have now?no
when will you get married?February 4, 2012
your kiss is:short and sweet
People date you because:you're everything they want in a girl/guy
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How long do I last in bed?
by DesideroAmor
Real Name
Birthdate (MM/DD/YY)
Favorite Color
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That's not EVEN funny!!!!!^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Your Inner Gangsta by crash_and_burn
What is yo name?
Yo gangsta name bePlatinum Ringa
You ride around in a1964 Chevy Impala
Yo gangThe Mafia
Yo shoes beSpikey Goth boots
Yo dubs be dis big, fool2,442
How much money you got?$3.03743415380632e+26
How gangsta are you, bitch?: 69%
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Your Husband Generator by Lady_Galadriel
Your Husband Is
You Metwhen you won a competition to meet a celebrity
You Have5 children
You Livegermany
Ina large apartment
You And Your Partner Are Best Known Forhaving a perfect sickening relationship
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What does your t-shirt say? by rejektedrockstar
Fav. Color
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What will your kids be named? by failed_x_senses
Sons middle nameRobert
Daughters middle nameLavender
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Which Napoleon Dynamite Character are You? by MemeMoose
Favorite Color
Amount of times you have seen the movie
You areUncle Rico
Your future career isA pro street dancer
Quote that sums up your life"Yessssssss."
Overall coolness factor: 21%
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All I can say is Yessssss!!!!!^^^^^^^^^

Yea sorry, my mood isn't bored for nothing....

Well yesterday was bad in terms of how I felt. Not to mention I got like no sleep on Sunday night. So yea, I don't really have much else to say. I'll update more later tonight.
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