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Malneirophrenic Murmurings of a Neuromantic

M.A.D. Queen of Malak Ta'us
pathein mathein

...or I'll kill you Gruesomely, with a capital G, BIOTCH!

sketches and art randomness

look for maldorora on tegaki-e and twitter!

i play tampura, temporally tuned zither, and broken toy instruments with
the Ghosts Project
1920's paris, 1950's&1960's death pop, absinthe, adrogyny, afghani rebab, andrew eldritch, antiquarian books, armenian chant, arthur machen, arvo part, baader meinhof, baudelaire, bauhaus, black opals, black sun press, blixa bargeld, bookbinding, buck-tick, bustled and trained gowns, calexico, caresse crosby, cats, cemeteries, chu-hi, coil, colette, corpsewood, corsican chant, cranes, current 93, daleks, dandies & fops, deaf white cats, decadence, decadent literature, depeche mode, devastatingly sad movies, dreaming, drunken photography, drunken scrawlings, enka, epitaphs, erik satie, esoterica, forteana, freaky pekingese, fujioka-shi gunma's flag, full-bodied red wine, gerard richter, ghosts, goblin, hallucinations, harry clarke, harry crosby, hesperion xx, indian classical music, issay, japan's 1960's group sounds, japanese architecture, john tavener, jordi savall, kagerou, kay nielsen, kimono, kmfdm, larousse gastronomique, lautréamont, le fantastique, legendary pink dots, leonard cohen, lilies, long fin killie, louis wain, lsd, machiavelli, malak ta'us, maldoror, malneirophrenia, marc almond, marchesa luisa casati, matsui fuyuko, medieval plague songs, military insignia and uniforms, montserrat figueras, moonlight, mythology, new orleans cemeteries, new york city, nightmares, nocturnal rain, odilon redon, opium and orchids, paul mercer, pet shop boys, pierre et gilles, pointy boots, poppies, pre-raphaelites, rachilde, remedios varos, sad movies, sakurai atsushi, sarod, sashimi, siamese fighting fish, sigmar polke, silk, siouxsie & the banshees, soft ballet, splatter platter, starblazers, strawberry switchblade, superstitions, susumu yokota, swordfighting, symbolist art, tamboura, tarnished antique silver, tea ceremony, the book of jade, the changelings, the defeat seeking loner, thierry mugler, tibetan thangka, tindersticks, tokyo decadence, tones on tail, torihada minoru, tranquilizers, traveling without a guide, tsunami shijo, two lone swordsmen, victorian mourning, vintage port, viola d'amore, violin, vodka, wodaabe nomads, world war one, wuxia films, yixing teapots, yoshitaka amano, yukihiro takahashi, ملك طاووس, あっちゃん, 松井冬子, 櫻井敦司, 舞踏, 辞世, 鳥肌実