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can we be lovers and friendssssss

Bored? Take This Now!

Created by guru13134 and taken 209 times on bzoink!

* The Basics *
Who do you live withmy parents
* Family *
How many siblings do you have?half brother
Are your parents married, divorced, or never married?married
How many aunts and uncles do you have?6?
...cousins?prob like 10
...sets of grandparents?1
...nieces and nephews?0
Do your parents live in a house, apartment, or trailer park?house
How many dogs do you have?1
What other pets do you own?none
Do you get along with your parents?yes
...how about your siblings?none
Have you ever physically fought with your parents?no
...how about your siblings?no
Who is your favorite aunt and uncle?probably valore
...favorite cousin?hahaha JC
...favorite grandparent?my grandma whos dead
...favorite siblingnone
* The Appearance *
How tall are you?5'2
How much do you weigh?110
Do you have all 10 fingers and all 10 toes?yes
...do you have any more than that?no
What color is your hair?brown
What color are your eyes?brown
What is the physical feature you like most about yourself?my lips
...how about the least about yourself?my butt
Do people often call you pretty?no
Do you think you are overweight?no
...how about underweight?no
How long is your hair?medium length
Do you ever want to color your hair?i get it highlighted
Have you ever worn colored contact lenses?yes
Do you paint your fingernails and/or toenails?only toenails in the summer
Do you wear makeup?sometimes
If so, what items do you wear on a daily basis?foundation
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?50 min including breakfast
Do you straighten your hair?yes
Do you wash your hair ever day?yes
* The Favorites *
...clothing brand?abercrombie
...shampoo and conditioner?don't have a fav
...makeup brand?don't have a fav
...car?mine and range rovers
...Starbucks drink?coffee
...Video game?sims2
...actor/actress?don't care
...comedian?jerry seinfeld, larry david
...cigarette?turkish ones or black and milds
...alcoholic drink?wine coolers
...non-alcoholic drink?snapple or water
...CD?right now ashlee simpson-autobiography
...solo artist?ashlee simpson
...Concert you attended?incubus
...Sit-down restaurant?i dunno
...Drive-thru restaurant?WENDAYS
...Food to order at your favorite sit-down restaurant?grilled cheese?
...Food to eat period?anything
...teacher?mr. penna haha
...class you attend?everyone this year
...grade of high school?9th
...boyfriend you had in high school?hahahaha
...friend you had in high school?mel!
...brand of computer?gateway
...brand of guitars?i dunno
* The Car *
Do you own your own car?yes
Did you pay for it?no
Do you pay your own insurance?no
Do you pay for your own gas?no
What make is the car?honda
...Model?accord coupe
What color is it?gold
How many cylinders does it have?v6
How much horsepower?i dunno
Any other special features you think are neat?leather seats, 6 cd changer
Does your car have a name?goldmember
Do you like to drive fast in it?sometimes
Is this your first car?yes
If no, what other cars have you had?none
What happened to them?none
If you could have any other car in the world, what would you want?range rover
What do you think is the ugliest car on the road today?scion
How about the neatest concept car?landrover lr3
* The Relationships *
How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?1, but it seems like more
How many crushes?43587698756
Name all the guys you've datedvince
Which one was your favorite?this
How about your least favorite?category
How long did they all last?is gay
Do you have a boyfriend right now?no
What is his name?this
What school does he go to?gay
How long have you been together?i
Do you plan on getting married?hate boys
Have you had sex?no
Do you go on dates often?haha sometimes
* Right Now *
Where are you?my room
What are you wearing?ae top, express jeans
...listening toim sound from teebs
* Have You Ever *
Been so drunk you passed out?no
Been so drunk you had to go to the hospital?no
Gotten high?hahahha
Gotten arrested?no
Danced in the rain?no
Kissed a guy/girl?yes
If no, do you realize your a loser? *laughs*thats mean
Had sex?no
Taken a survey as cool as this one?this sucked

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