January 6th, 2005


mel and i made states!

so i have a little DECA story to tell.

teebs and i are tired so we go upstairs to the rooms to try to find an empty bed to nap on. teebs is checking all the rooms and theyre all filled with people so i open this one door and its a big janitors closet with a big mattress in it and i'm like hey teebs i found a room with an empty bed so he goes in the room, takes the mattress and starts dragging it out in the hallway so he finally gets it in the hallway and hes like ANYONE WANT A MATRESS???? so then mrs. hudak, mr. sipp, and mr. nic come over and start yelling at him and tell him to put it back. so as he's putting it back in the room, my nic locks him in there and is holding the door shut while teebs is trying to get out. so mr. nic is pulling the door shut and mrs. hudak is holding on to him pulling and then all of a sudden teebs pushes themselves back and they both fly back.

also, while i was doing my second role play, some kid gets on the loud speaker and says SUCK MAH DICK.
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