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Hello Kids.

Friends only.

Comment to be added. I'm pretty much a bitch thou unless you have something to offer like similar interests or commenting. I'm getting nicer as I age. Being a "mom" has helped.

Nov. 3rd, 2005

....there is a product called the rat zapper....
they describe it as "humane".
than go on to say in the next paragraph, "kills rodents with a deadly shock!"
...is it humane because you don't have to touch the poor thing? and even better! it's new and improved to kill 30+ rodents on a single set of D batteries! *vomits*


maybe mole rats are UUUUGLY, but could you live with yourself knowing you electrocuted this:
your set of D batteries will kill atleast this many ratsCollapse )

http://www.all-creatures.org/anex/mice.html ...*vomits again* that's HORRIBLE. meg, seriously, don't go there! i wish i hadn't of seen it. =/

To everyone ever:

If you think I run my mouth about you, then I want you to comment on here, and I want you to call me out on it, and I will tell you anything I may have said. I don't "talk shit" about anything I wouldn't tell you, so call me out.

If you want to tell me how much you hate my stinken guts... you go right ahead on here. I will even make this post public. But hey, if you call me out on falsifications and rumors, then I'm going to defend myself. And I'm not allowing anonymous posting on this bitch.

I'm just tired of everyone saying I talk shit. And I'm tired of being told of all these things I'm doing without ever getting to defend myself. I guess rumors are more entertaining than fact. Hey ho! Let's go!


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