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Info (feat. Ayumi Hamasaki)

As of October 29, 2006, _makeasecret is not accepting new members and is closed. I may reopen later, but most likely in a new journal.

Welcome to _makeasecret, a mp3 rotation owned and maintained by suwillgetu. This music rotation will have big updates at least once a week, probably on Fridays or Saturdays. I will update other days with maybe a few new songs/PVs if I feel like it. The purpose of this mp3 rotation is to promote music and PVs from Japanese, Korean, and English artists! mp3s will be free to download, but they will only be available for one week (stupid Yousendit...), so get them when they're available!

The layout (as of 3-30-06) features J-Pop artist Koda Kumi (倖田來未)! I, _makeasecret/suwillgetu, created the layout!

Rules (feat. Miyavi)

Like almost every other mp3 rotation, there are rules that all members must follow. If any member fails to follow any rule, I won't hesitate to remove them.

01. This mp3 rotation will be friends only, so if you want downloads, you have to join. This is only so random users don't come in and steal my uploads.

02. You must comment if you download any song or PV, and state what it was you downloaded.

03.Support the artists! Purchase their CDs at sites like Yesasia and CDJapan (for Asian music), and various sites for English music.

04. Be respectful to other members. Don't make any rude comments to or about other members, or you will be removed immediately.

05. Don't make any rude comments about artists that I post music from. Although you are entitled to your opinion, people who like the artist don't want to hear it.

06. Music is for sampling purposes ONLY. Please delete after 24 hours.

Affiliates (feat. Ai Otsuka)

01. tennyonokoe
02. ayunited
03. ysi_leftovers
04. someday_music
05. jpop_uploads
06. jrock_mp3s
07. unicornrock
08. purana
09. sheepchickengod
10. funky_dealer
11. sanraizu
12. music_and_more
13. justbe_careful
14. exclusivecode
15. rurutia
16. _music_makers_
17. hyperrballad
18. originarysounds
19. sakurakissu
20. razzmatazzwhirl
21. audiogenia
22. injectionoflove

Contact (feat. Ayumi Hamasaki)

If you have any questions, or want to affiliate, feel free to contact me!

AIM: SuWillGetU

E-Mail: TomWilNel88@aol.com

Banners (feat. Hitomi Shimatani)

You are welcome to take any of these banners to post in your user info. It would be best if you uploaded the picture onto your own server (like Photobucket).

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