First 5 lbs down! I still have MANY more to go (another 20, minimum... yes, I've really porked up), and my next goal is 6 more pounds away (I'm breaking it down into small goals so I don't feel overwhelmed).

Tmorrow we head to the ATL for IKEA, and eating a lunch there of meatballs and such is going to be my small reward... then, back on the wagon!
white tree


Finally feel like my inner-Martha is coming back... Lost her for a bit, there. I spent yesterday cooking and baking... gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, no-bake cookies, fudge, beer bread and strawberry jam. Here is my first fully assembled gift goodie basket of the season (I don't even know how to post pics on here anymore from flickr!): Gifts are bought (waiting on lots of them to be delivered), most are wrapped, bring on Christmas 2009!
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Our little trip to Gburg was wonderful! Our cabin was gorgeous, the hot tub was so relaxing, we did have a jacuzzi mishap (Josh thought bubbles would be a great idea!), we cooked together, went out to eat together, shopped, read, cuddled, played pool and darts... it was just pretty much perfect. Wish we were still there! Here are a few pics... more on my flickr....

Ahh, I look rough here, but we were enjoying post-dinner coffee on the porch swing, so I like this pic anyway, because it was a happy moment!
coffee on the porch - retouched

cropped bugcropped cutout picpicnik-edPB140371

added 'boost' and 'vibrance' in picnikcropped and added 'lomo-ish',  adjusted fade.

Dream House!

This house is for sale in my neighborhood - it's on Riverside, where the rich folk live (obviously not my side of the hood)! Definitely a dream house, one I've ALWAYS loved. 8 bedrooms! Guess what? Josh and I have started playing the lottery for this baby! Last night I dreamed I won 750,000 dollars... I know what I'd do with it if I did!*riverside*)%2c(Subdivision%3d*old%2520hickory%2520village*)%2c(City%3d*old%2520hickory*)%2c(ListingStatusID%3d1)%2c(OfficeListIsActive%3d1)%2c(OfficeListIsIDX%3d1)%2c(IsListedOnInternet%3d1)&AreaID=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8&MlsNum=1128692&Digest=HIplm9eK5klb4P6dKhkINA
True Blood Sookie

I am by no means an expert at this, or even good at it, but this just made me proud of myself. I like it. And it's how *I* see this beautiful city.

before (cell phone pic)

after (cropped and played with on