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Wednesday, August 18th, 2004

Subject:On The Subject Of Visits
Time:9:14 pm.
Mood: energetic.
I went to visit Sirius and Professor Lupin yesterday. I'd been meaning to for quite some time and I finally got around to it. I brought along a couple of housewarming gifts (even though they're extremely late) for the both of them, as well. A nice teapot I found in France for Remus and a collector's edition of Magical Me for Sirius! I do hope they enjoy the gifts. If I had known Miss Granger was staying with them, I would have brought her something, as well. I was quite surprised when she answered the door! But, all in all, it was a lovely little visit. The time just seemed to fly by! I will have to drop by again sometime.

Apart from visiting friends, I've been busy with plans for the coming term. I have most of my lesson plans done for this term, so I've mostly been doing extra reading on certain topics. After all, as the professor, I should be an expert in all subjects dealing with Defense Against the Dark Arts! Of course, by most people's standards, I am an expert, but what can I say... I'm a perfectionist.

Aside from that, I haven't really been doing much else. I will soon have to dismiss the help, as I'll be moving out of the cottage for the school year. I will be sad to see Cosette and Jonathon go, but it seems silly to keep them employed at the cottage when I'm noy even there! I will, of course, give them both high praise if anyone else should wish to hire them.

And now, I believe I should go try and finish my lesson plans get a bite to eat. Ta for now!

-Gilderoy Lockhart
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Wednesday, August 4th, 2004

Subject:Back Home!
Time:1:42 am.
Well, I'm back from my book tour! Have been for a bit, but this is the first I've gotten around to writing an entry. I know, I know... I'm slacking. I do apologize! I shall try to do better!

There's not much to say, though. The book tour went swimmingly! I even had time to do further research for my new book. I've actually gathered a good part of what I need to start writing. I'm sure you're all thoroughly excited! I know my publisher is... he's been hounding me about the new book for awhile now! I just told him that you can't ruch genius *wink*

As for my social life... well, I haven't had a chance to have much of one this summer. I had planned to visit Professor Lupin and Sirius Black at their place (since Sirius is such a big fan) and I still haven't gotten around to it! Mayhaps I shall do that sometime next week...

And let's not even speak of the coming school term! My my... I must get started on a lesson plan! Though writing was my first profession, I must not neglecting my teaching duties. What would people think of me? So I must make time to work on that. Busy busy busy!

As it is, I think I shall retire for the evening. Goodnight!

-Gilderoy Lockhart
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Thursday, July 22nd, 2004

Subject:Have You Heard?
Time:1:25 pm.
Mood: chipper.
Apparently the Ministry has been doing a much better job at apprehending Deatheaters! I must say I'm quite grateful... after all, the people in the wizarding community look to the Ministry to protect them. I would have offered my services as an Auror, but my talents are needed elsewhere.

Speaking of which, I am once again on tour! This entry finds me in a quaint little er... 'internet cafe'? Yes, I believe that's what this place is called. Well, anyway, I'm currently in Rome and will soon be going to a village near hear. It's a small little wizarding village, but I have quite a large fan base there! And I'm not one to disappoint my fans! I believe that I shall be travelling to Spain for tomorrow's signing. I must brush up on my Spanish!

Once I'm done with this tour, I must start work on my new book. It's not going to write itself after all! I suspect it will be quite fascinating once all is said and done. But I mustn't say too much about it! I wouldn't want to spoil it for my loyal readers!

Oh, look at the time! I really must go... I can't be late for my own book signing! Ta!

-Gilderoy Lockhart
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Saturday, July 10th, 2004

Subject:My My...
Time:11:16 pm.
Mood: thoughtful.
Well, I've been hiding relaxing at my cottage for the past few days. I did get a chance to drop by the Malfoy Manor the other night to visit Narcissa and her son. Um... it was an... interesting visit...

[Private] I met a woman there... Narcissa's sister, so she told me. And... and she was a deatheater! Narcissa even confirmed it. I can't believe it! I feel, as a concerned citizen, I should inform the proper authorities. A small part of me doesn't wish to get Narcissa mixed up in it, though. What is a man to do...[/Private]

Now I am quite busy preparing for my next book tour... yes, indeed. Much to busy for any personal calls, I'm afraid. It would be quite lonely here if Cosette and Jonathon but mostly Cosette were not around. I also have a neglected stack of fanmail I should be getting to! I do apologize for those of you have been waiting for a response from me... so little time and so much to do! But, never fear, you will be getting your answers shortly.

For now, I believe I shall retire. Ta!

-Gilderoy Lockhart
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Thursday, July 1st, 2004

Time:8:36 pm.
Mood: hungry.
The first book tour is done, and now it's time for some rest! The cottage looks lovely thanks to the help of the lovely Cosette. And Jonathan is the best cook a worn out writer could want! I do love to travel, but it is so tiresome!

Be that as it may, I start my next book tour in two weeks' time. Same countries, different cities. I think I have an extended stay in France this time... should be quite lovely! France is a beautiful country, wouldn't you agree? But for now I can just relax at home *smiles*

I do believe it's time for dinner, so I must end this here. Ta!

-Gilderoy Lockhart
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Saturday, June 19th, 2004

Subject:At This Moment...
Time:11:57 pm.
Mood: sleepy.
I'm heading back to England as I write this. My first week of touring has come to an end! I shall be in Flourish & Botts tomorrow for another signing, for those of you who would like to attend! I shall be there all day, I believe, so come at any time! Then I'll be going back to my cottage to settle down for a relaxing couple of weeks. My next book signing tour is just around the corner, though! I believe I have 5 or 6 more planned for the summer... mustn't disappoint my fans after all!

I'm quite tired from all this travelling, though. I think I may cut this entry short and go take a nap. I have a image to maintain after all *winks* Ta!

And don't forget to stop in and see me tomorrow!

-Gilderoy Lockhart
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Monday, June 14th, 2004

Subject:I'm Off!
Time:12:19 am.
Mood: excited.
Well, tomorrow morning I'm off. I believe the first stop on the book signing tour is London. Also the last stop, so if you miss me tomorrow you can always catch me once I'm back in England! After the London signing, I'm off to the rest of Europe. Should be a fascinating time. And, of course, I'll be sure to tell everyone about it! I'm sure you're all dying to hear about it *smiles*

I will miss my little cottage, though. Now that Cosette has cleaned it up, it's quite cozy here. I would have cleaned it myself, but I am *quite* busy. Cosette did an excellent job, I must say! As much as I'm paying her, she should have. She'll have the run of the place whilst I'm gone... so if you drop by and she answers the door, don't be surprised! The cook has the next week off since I won't be home. Jonathon has only been with us for a few days, but he's an excellent cook!

Well, I should get some rest. After all, can't start off a book signing tour with bags under my eyes! Oh! And the book signing in London is at Florish & Bloots at 12 pm... hope to see you there! Ta!

-Gilderoy Lockhart
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Monday, June 7th, 2004

Subject:Time For The Holidays!
Time:7:17 pm.
Mood: calm.
Well, school's completed and all the students and staff have gone home for the holidays, including myself! I must say, I never realize how much I miss my little cottage until I come back to it after being away for so long! I have a fair bit of cleaning to do... who would think a place would get so dirty when no one was living in it? I would hire a house elf, but I wouldn't want to leave it here by itself while I'm away at Hogwarts. Ah well... a bit of work never hurt anyone! Besides, the maid I just hired should be here tomorrow afternoon.

Anyways! I find that my days are quite long when I'm not teaching. I'll be starting a book signing tour next week, but right now I have nothing to do. It really is quite dull. I've been thinking of making a trip to Professor Lupin and Sirius Black's new house... see if they need anything to help get settled *smiles*

But, for now, I think I'll just take a stroll around the cottage. I do love living in the country... it's so restful out here! Even us popular writers need a break from people every once in awhile. Perhaps I'll make a nice cup of tea as well. The cook doesn't arrive until Wednesday, so I have to make it myself. So, ta ta for now!

-Gilderoy Lockhart
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Saturday, May 22nd, 2004

Time:11:43 pm.
Mood: thirsty.
I am quite tired this evening... I'm not sure why. I haven't gone to get my nightly tea... mayhaps that's it? I'll do that after I finish writing here.

Well, nothing of much interest to report. I went to visit Sirius Black the other day. Narcissa showed up just as I was about to leave, so I invited her along. It didn't go very well... Sirius was acting a bit... well... insane. We eventually had to leave or I'm afraid he would have tried to attack Narcissa. Did you know that their cousins? It's a small world, no! Narcissa came back to my office to discuss Draco's grades. He is, of course, doing quite well *smiles*

As for class, I already have the final written and ready to go! Don't want to scare anyone, but it should be quite challenging. After all, I want to make sure you were paying attention in class! And then it'll be the summer holidays... I must say I'm looking forward to the free time. I'm utterly busy nowadays.

Hmm... that tea is calling me. So, ta ta!

-Gilderoy Lockhart
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Tuesday, May 11th, 2004

Time:12:25 am.
Mood: chipper.
My my... the holidays are almost here! I must start thinking up my final for Defense Against the Dark Arts. I'm sure my students will all do swimmingly! After all, with me teaching, I'm sure all pay rapt attention, am I right *chuckles* It goes without saying, classes are going well. I do believe the students this year are paying much more attention than last year! This may be due to the war... I suppose it's a good thing I came back to teach at a time like this.

In other news, I have been planning to visit Professor Lupin and Sirius Black since his arrival back from Azkaban. I'm sure it was a hard time for him and I figured I'd try and cheer him up. Lupin tells me he's my number one fan, after all *smile* I still have to deliver his signed copy of my newest book as well! I believe I have a copy to give to Susan Bones as well. Would anyone else like one? I have a few left in my office... stop by anytime!

Speaking of books, this summer I may be doing some travelling to do some field study for my new book! Still can't reveal what it's about... it's all very hush hush *wink* I'm not sure as of yet... after all, I may be needed around the school. We shall see.

Hmm... I do believe that's all for now! I need to get to bed as it is... mustn't be falling asleep during class like my students! Ta ta!

-Gilderoy Lockhart
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Thursday, April 29th, 2004

Time:2:23 am.
Mood: sleepy.
Once again, I have another entry for everyone to enjoy! I do apologize for their sporatic nature... but I am a busy man!

First, there are classes. The lessons on countercurses are going quite well, I think. There have been a few burnt chairs, perhaps a couple of bald students, but nothing I couldn't handle! Except maybe the fur that's currently growing on all my pictures... I believe the students are coming along quite nicely.

Second, I'm about to start another string of book signings and public appearances! My publisist suggested that I get more exposure since my new book won't be out for a bit. Mustn't neglect my fans in the mean time! I have thought of a subject for my book, though. What remains, of course, is the field work. Which will be a walk in the park *grins* Can't tell you what it's about, though... it's all very hush-hush! It'll be a page turner, I promise you that!

Third, there has been my personal life. I've been going down to Hogsmeade weekly for a massage. It really is quite relaxing! And the lovely lady who massages me is an absolute whiz! I've had a few visits from Mrs. Malfoy as well... checking on Draco's grades, of course. I've informed her that he's doing quite well! And every evening, I drop by the kitchens for some tea. The house elves make heavenly tea! I encourage everyone to try it.

All in all, you can see that I'm almost overwhelmed! But, of course, I manage to handle it all *smiles* For now, I think I shall get some rest... I'm feeling quite sleepy. Ta ta!

-Gilderoy Lockhart
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Sunday, April 18th, 2004

Time:3:19 am.
Mood: bored.
I am still alive. Rejoice!

We'll be starting a new topic in class soon. We're almost done with work on curses. Next... countercurses! I'm sure the students will enjoy it... they seemed very interested in the curses. Some a little too much more than others. I do enjoy the enthusiasim the students show *smiles*

As for my personal life, it's been a bit dull. Every night is much the same as the next... I really must find something to do to get out of this rut. I haven't visited my number one fan lately... and I *do* need to give him his copy of my latest book. Signed of course! I wonder why it's taken me so long to get it to him... Ah well, mayhaps I shall do that tomorrow. And I believe a little trip to Hogsmeade wouldn't be out of order.

For now, though, I believe I shall go to bed. A man needs his beauty sleep rest! Ta ta!

-Gilderoy Lockhart
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Thursday, April 1st, 2004

Subject:Time For A Post!
Time:1:06 am.
Mood: chipper.
Well, a lot has happened since my last entry. I no longer have a student teacher. I must say, I will miss the extra help Mr. Krum provided. But, I suppose, it was all for the best. I hope he enjoyed his time here!

What else? Well, it appears that Professor Snape has *finally* gotten a journal. Catching up with the rest of us, chap? *winks* I'm sure you'll enjoy it once you get the hang of it!

Hmm... I feel as I may have forgotten something... Oh yes! I was introduced to this simply wonderful massage shop in town! I've never felt so relaxed than after a session there. I highly recommended it to anyone who is feeling a bit stressed. Only during supervised trips, of course. It's still much too dangerous for students to be wandering about on their own.

And I do believe that is all I have. Classes have been going swimmingly! Barring me one of the students accidently turning one of the ink wells into a mini geyser... but one of the students I quickly remedied the situation! And had the house elves clean the mess. For now, though, I must be off to bed. Ta ta!

-Gilderoy Lockhart

OOCCollapse )
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Wednesday, March 17th, 2004

Time:10:17 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
((OOC: We R-to-the-O-to-the-C-to-the-K, ROCK! I'm done ^_^))
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Monday, March 8th, 2004

Subject:Let Me See...
Time:11:47 pm.
Mood: rushed.
I must tell you the exciting news! Dumbledore has appointed me an assistant *smiles* His name is Viktor Krum who, I believe, used to play professional Quidditch. I must say, I'm quite happy about this arrangement... I was utterly bogged down in all the work I've been doing! He seems to be an... interesting young chap *smile* I'm sure we'll get along fine!

Other than that, I don't have much to report. Things have started to settle back down, for which I am glad. Still on nightly patrol, but I don't mind at all!

[Private]I've been seeing Narcissa now and then... not as often as before. I've been thinking of paying her and Kellia a visit. Adorable little girl... even if she does have an unusual interest in my face... Perhaps this weekend would be a good time. We shall see.[/Priavte]

For now, I should finish up signing my fanmail and get to patrol duty. Ta!

-Gilderoy Lockhart
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Saturday, February 28th, 2004

Time:12:25 am.
Mood: gloomy.
Well, sad news. There have been four deaths at Hogwarts... three students and Mr. Filch. It's quite tragic and a definite pall has fallen over the school. I've cut back on the workload in my class to compensate... the students have enough to worry about as is.

I'm quite shocked that something like this could happen at Hogwarts. But I'm sure we shall find the culprits. And I'll be the first to volunteer to help track them down! I am, after all, the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Though calling in a few Aurors would be most excellent....

Because of the attacks, professors have been assigned nightly hall monitering duties with the various prefects. I've been assigned to Ms. Hannah Abbott. I must say, we've been getting on quite well *smiles* Though we've run into some... interesting situations. Twice... *shakes his head* Who knew students got into so much trouble after hours?

Well, I should be meeting Hannah soon for duty. Ta!

-Gilderoy Lockhart
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Sunday, February 8th, 2004

Time:12:01 am.
Well, there's really not much to write about this time around. Classes have been going splendidly, of course *smiles* There was a minor incident the other day... but the student involved grew his hair back much quicker than I expected, so cheers!

The play is going fabulously as well! I'm quite please with how hard the students are working *smiles* Don't forget to purchase your tickets everyone. It'll be an absolutely smashing evening!

Aside from that, there hasn't been much else to report. Keeping up with my fanmail, of course *winks* Let it never be said that Gilderoy Lockhart disappointed his fans!

Speaking of which, I should get back to it! Ta!

-Gilderoy Lockhart
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Monday, January 26th, 2004

Subject:Let's See
Time:5:34 pm.
Mood: chipper.
I suppose it's about that time for me to write again. I've been oh so busy lately, else I would write *much* more often! I do apologize to any of my fans who have been missing me ^_^

As it tis, the practices for the play are going extremely well! I must say, I picked an excellent cast. The pirates still need a bit of work in the dancing department, but they're doing quite well! I may throw in an extra practice since they have to learn the chorus as well. We'll see!

Aside from the play, there's also classes. They have been going swimmingly ^_^ We're on the topic of curses now. Quite interesting, I must say. Gives me an idea for a book... but I digress! My classes have been doing very well, indeed!

And... I do believe that is all ^_^

[Private]That I'm willing to write for all to see. Narcissa and I got in a fight awhile back. She said I was being "controlling" because I didn't want her to sleep with other men. I thought it a reasonable request... but she told me to leave. So I did.

Now she wants to talk. I've made plans to visit her very soon. I do hope we can resolve this... I miss her. What's a man to do...[/Private]

Well, ta ta for now!

-Gilderoy Lockhart
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Sunday, January 11th, 2004

Subject:On Budding Thespians
Time:12:00 am.
Mood: bouncy.
Well, as you all may know, Hogwarts is putting on a play! Peter Pan to be exact ^_^ Dumbledore asked if I would like to be the director and, not being one to refuse the Headmaster, I agreed. Isn't that terribly exciting? I know... but don't worry. I won't be too harsh on you young actors and actresses *smiles*

As you may guess, this play will take up quite a bit of my time. But I am looking forward to it ^_^ Quite a few students showed up for the auditions... I was most pleased! Even Draco Malfoy showed up... and did an excellent job, I might add. He must get his abilities from his mother.

[Private]Who dropped by the other night. I do so miss spending time with Narcissa... but I've been so busy lately and I've barely seen her at all!

I suppose now that Lucius is back in jail, it wouldn't be too... dangerous to visit her at the Manor. Hmm...[/Private]

But I must go! I have much work to do. Classes *and* a play! What's a man to do *smiles* Ta!

-Gilderoy Lockhart
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Friday, December 12th, 2003

Time:2:55 am.
Mood: drained.
I think I shall retire... Today has been... interesting.

PrivateCollapse )

I think I may be working myself too hard. What with my search *and* teaching classes. Of course, now that break is upon us, I can devote all my time to my search! Isn't that wonderful *smiles*

More PrivateCollapse )

Anyway, I still have a few things to get done tonight. Ta for now!

-Gilderoy Lockhart
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