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Trivial? Maybe Not!!!!!

You know what really annoys me? TRENDS and people who are stuck on fads. I HATE THEM. I understand that tastes change,but for God's sake, out of respect can't you stay with something you like? This all stems from a section I browsed through in InStyle magazine. Apparently, "Russian style" is the "it" thing this season. Of course it hit close to home because my family and I are all 100% Russian,spanning back countless generations. I was just disgusted because they treat it as exactly a trend, when Russian people, you know, it's a part of their integrated culture, and all of sudden other strangers, foreigners, are like oh yeah, even though this culture has been around for a thousand years, let's just all of sudden notice them because omgit'z lyke totally hawt now, kthnx. It's just like nothing else matters to them. It just shows disrespect both to the culture you're stealing the "fashion" from and to yourself, because it shows what a disgustingly shallow, superficial, and unoriginal thing you are. I like fashion, but I don't rearrange my whole closet every time some new idiotic "trend" comes along. I have my staples that I love, a hodgepodge from all different eras, and I'm not going to be switching them out just for some stupid "fad."


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It's Begining To Look Alot Like.....Christmas?

Today is not the kind of day where I'm supposed to glumly attend classes, followed by a joyous round of work.

Today, my friends, is the kind of day where I was supposed to wake up leisurely in my London brownstone, stretch luxuriously, put on  a robe, throw open a pair of magnificent drapes to let in the brilliant sunshine, then go downstairs and put breakfast on the table for my distinguished British husband. After making sure everything was just so, I would go back up a decadent polished wood staircase to my room, take a rejunivating shower, then put on makeup, and a smart-looking outfit. I would then return downstairs to find my husband already at the table, smoking his pipe, reading the paper. I would greet him, and get a kiss on the cheek, and then we would commence breakfast, while talking about all sorts of worldly and intellectual issues.


Is it just me, or does ANYONE else like to "smell" or "feel" the seasons? Does anyone even know what I mean by that? I get all warm and fuzzy when that happens. It's so comforting, in a strange sort of way.


Yesterday night, or early morning rather,I watched Rebecca on TCM, and I positively fell in love with Laurence Olivier in it. He is the perfect representation of an English chap. See, there are so many differences between gentleman, rogue, chap, and the like. It's so important to be able to differentiate between all the variations. However, that Mrs. Danvers, scared me out of my wits. Only those who have seen the movie would know what I'm talking about.

Oh, what a terribly handsome chap you were, Larry. Terribly handsome.

However, you could never match the divinity that is my soulmate, Mr. Rex Harrison.

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Gorgeous Miss Greta Garbo!!!! <3 <3

I'm an Ordinary (Wo)man.

However silly it may sound, Rex Harrison makes me want to be a better lady. I want to stop swearing, start looking after myself and my surroundings more, dress more conservatively, be more genteel, just in the hope the maybe, somehow, someday I'll attract someone just like him, or as close to him as could be found in this time. He is just...perfection. And I want to match that SO desperately.

However, in one aspect, I'm failing miserably. How? Simple. I'm just now starting on a 2 page paper due tomorrow. God help me.


On the other hand, I'm trying to be more responsible with my money, and I've started a savings account and transferred $280 to it, which I will not disturb. I'm going to learn how to be more careful with my financial matters.


Why do people who get scared easily tend to watch more scary movies than regular people? The world may never know. Today I watched Red Dragon, and Final Destination. Scary Stuff. The latter made me so paranoid when I first saw it, it wasn't even funny.

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Okay, I know I've posted this a thousand  bajillion times, but I have to be sure. Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this car is the epitome of sex, on wheels that is. Is it not the most gorgeous piece of work you have ever seen? So fluid, so sensual.......god, I really, REALLY need to get this car!.

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Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh..

Ok, I just have this insane urge to express my overwhelmig emotion. I just felt it worth asking if anyone else, besides me, gets this idescribable, infinite surge of exhiliration/joy when listening to "Masquerade!" It's just such a masterpiece! I had it on repeat for an hour today, while working out at the gym, and recieved many, MANY strange looks because I was mouthing the words to the song the whole time!! Ah, The Phantom of the Opera is genius!!
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