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1. don't lurk. post your application. get judged. don't edit it once you post - unless there is a problem with the pictures.

2. do not advertise communities without authorization. ;/

3. be respectful.

4. long posts must have a livejournal cut.

5. once you're stamped, post the word stamped in the subject to let us know that you're a member.

6. only moderators can post the stamps. if you are found posting stamps, you will be banned.

THE FORM: this must be posted two days after you become a member. if not posted, please leave. place this behind a livejournal cut. if it's not, your application will be deleted. thanks.

1] name:
2] age:
3] birthday:
4] location:
5] hobbies:
6] most daring thing you've done:
7] if you could tell us one thing about yourself to set you apart from other people, what would it be:
8] picture: [at least one]

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