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purple haze, all around [entries|friends|calendar]
the veR

the veR
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4:24pm August 5th]
thanks you guys for your support.
there is no need to be sorry, because it isn't your fault, but i know what you guys mean.
black bird [ 4 ] singing in the dead of night

1:06pm June 19th]
i'm going to have a friends cut, then i'm going to try to find new lj friends.

yaknow, out with the old, in with the new?

comment if you think you'll get deleted, but want to stay.
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1:17pm April 10th]
anyone know any good vegetarian restaruants in san diego?
i live in the otay mesa area, i guess. i dont know. next to imperial beach.
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9:31pm March 8th]
SOOOOOO i have this major project for my WEB DESIGN class, and i have to make a website with graphics and everything. while everyone is going to be stealign pictures online and making it like that, i plan to hella bust my ass at home with photoshop and make my own graphics. we have to make the website using the macromedia mx suite. (mainly dreamweaver, fireworks, and an extra credit flash assignment, which i plan to do as well.)

the reason why i want to make my own graphics is because i plan on makign the website for when i sign up for a job. it will include a resume, a profile, probably a picture, a professional looking one, and maybe some other things.

i have to do the graphics at home, put them online, then add them to my site. what i really want to do is make them based on typography, and i need some help, if anybody is experienced with that shiet. i was inspired by a picture i saw that was made entirely of words. i loooved it.

WHAT I NEED YOUR HELP ON..is exactly what should i have on the site, and if you have typography experience, i would like some tips!

please and thank you,
black bird [ 22 ] singing in the dead of night

12:43pm January 29th]
x_act0 has been rebuffed, come joinnn we need members, and i will be making a stenciling tutorial soon, if nobody else does, with pictures! so join!
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7:36pm January 9th]

friends only.
but check out my mad ass skills:





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