Madam Mina (_madam_mina_) wrote,
Madam Mina

I Doubt You'll Want To Be Added...

Friends Only

This is mearly a place for me to vent and get out all of my bottled up feelings. If you know me, comment and I'll add you -- For now I am only adding people that have some connection to me in real life

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_patronus_icons aisselle angelfish_icons extant ashenvale_moon ashy_lfc_fan auctrix_icons briarrose_icons ca_pris cdg celestalgraphic creamuts crystalsc daisukicons crimsonique dj43 erniemay feikuai framedinblood go_clo gypsy_blue helenahandbag icon_goddess iluvpoto impala67 jaded_icons jougen_no_tsuki jubilli justmi kalina_blue karanna1 kheronai lauralorien lil_brokenangel lindabree marisali masquerade_arts maytel meleada artphilia penumbren pr0sthetix raoch_icons safest_place sensi_incanto shizukuchan slimblondje sophierochelle spell_caster18 midnightwhisper starlit_designs neke twistedfae unmasked_icons uscathena wonderland__
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