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but... stop the clock

Posted on 2007.06.21 at 22:01
I am:: calmcalm
Happy Solstice, everyone.

I love that it's 10pm and there's still light in the sky.


look! squee!

Posted on 2007.06.16 at 14:32
I am:: accomplishedaccomplished
Um, yeah, so I suck at updating, huh? But look! I have something today! I finally, finally finished my jumper!

click here for photos!Collapse )

I still have to block it but I'm pretty happy with it!



Posted on 2007.05.12 at 19:11
@: living room
I am:: relievedrelieved
drifting in the air:: never mind
Phone call over and done!

I had the tv and I'd gone into the kitchen and when I heard the Doctor Who theme, this being Saturday night with the tv on BBC 1, I thought it was an advert or some sort of reminder that DW isn't on tonight. Then I realised there wasn't any talking and IT WAS MY PHONE.

But really, it was a good situation and I think it went quite well. Most importantly, it's done, so now I can relax, stop being attached to my phone, and I don't have to worry about running around with my sister and having to worry about my phone going off when we're watching Spidey 3.

Now, if I just do what I should and write up the details for my witness statement.

I wonder if we'll get to meet "DI" Murray. He sounded fit...


Oh look! It's me.

Posted on 2007.05.11 at 10:12
I am:: crazycrazy
drifting in the air:: Sunshine, Billy Miles
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It's probably been awhile, hasn't it? Well, I went to Paris, as I do, then I was sick (allergies), then I had a paper due (BEST PAPER EVER, too), then my aunt came and then I had my Viva presentation for my thesis.


Everything went well. In the BEST PAPER EVER I even offered a new theory of Egyptian State Formation. This was, of course, totally unrelated to the topic but it was a conclusion that inevitably presented itself so I ran with it. I was totally giddy at the time but now I'm really nervous about what the prof will say. I was having mad daydreams of him saying "Let's take this to Stephen Quirke RIGHT NOW" and presentations at ARCE and published articles and things. And I forced it upon anyone who stood still long enough. I love my friends, I really do, bless them.

The Viva went much better than I expected, considering the amount of time I didn't put into it. And I've got my ducks in my fridge in my closet hopefully mummifying. Insh'allah.

My aunt I spent about a third of our time talking about Paris and half our time squeeing about Harry Potter. I love my family too.

Now, I'm on call until the 18th, when we have our field school/mock crime scene in Surrey. Basically, we all are going to get a call some time between last Wednesday, actually, and the 18th, between the hours of 7 am and 10 pm, to tell us our presence is requested at a crime scene. And we have to ask the right questions, and be professional not drunk, and this will all be reported on to our professor. Everyone is freaked out. It's just the first one that's hard, surely, because we're afraid we'll blank. That' why I've led the way in creating little question sheets to carry around with you, so we can just read the questions off and fill in the answers. The worst part is remembering to have your mobile phone on and with you all the time (and not, say, leave it in your bag on silent all day *cough*).

Last night I was making dinner and the house phone rang; I answered it and it was a telemarketer so I wormed out of that and hung up and went back to making dinner, thinking 'See, this is why I never answer the phone! That's what I get for answering the damn phone.' And then realised, with an increasing sense of panic: 'Cell phone. Bag. Never took it out.' Followed by, out loud "Shiiit!" I ran up the stairs and dug out the phone and woke it up and... nothing. Whew. Close call.

So now I've broken out the sharpie and the post-it notes and there's a note on my door at eye level that says "Where is your PHONE?" So far, it's worked.

But my sister comes on Sunday! And I'm really excited about that! And now I have to do laundry! And I'm not sure that last bit really deserved an exclamation point.


mes chers compatriots

Posted on 2007.04.13 at 21:43
@: the other city to be down and out in
I am:: happyhappy
drifting in the air:: Edith Piaf: Non, je ne regrette rien
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Wheeeeeee I'm going to Paris tomorrow and I'm so happy and excited. I tried to make schedule but gave it up as useless. Too many factors. Although I really do need to make a checklist or something. So much to do, so little time.

At least the weather this weekend is supposed to be really wonderful.

Now, because I'm going to Paris and you're not, have a cadeaux: My Paris soundtrack, l'essentiel.

Aux Champs Elysées- Joe Dassin. ( hxxp://www.sendspace.com/file/s1lzwn ) The original and still the best! If you've ever studied French, you've almost certainly heard this song. It earwormed me for years. But not constantly, so please, have a listen. The things you see as you walk down Les Champs now may be slightly different, but it's still the greatest street in the world, and it's still true that no matter the weather, time, or day, everything you want is aux Champs Elysées.

Champs Elysees- cover by NoFX. ( hxxp//www.sendspace.com/file/y8tcrf ) Really. And it's quite fun.

Paradis Secret - Vitaa. ( hxxp://www.sendspace.com/file/fji472 ) I've just discovered her, know nothing about her, but she's sort of R&B. This song is far and away my favourite among the ones I've heard. It's happy and sunny and perfect for summer.

Non je ne regrette rien - Edith Piaf. ( hxxp://www.sendspace.com/file/i7cpoy ) Because everyone should have this song. The defining anthem of the greatest french singer, the sparrow.


So It Goes

Posted on 2007.04.12 at 23:19
@: London
I am:: pensivepensive
drifting in the air:: Tom Waits: I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love
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I thought Life On Mars was brilliant. It was the right ending. The Series 2 boxset is another thing I can't afford, but that should also be on its way to me shortly.

I am gutted over Kurt Vonnegut, though. What a loss.

Otherwise, mentally I am already in Paris. Good thing, too, because I checked the RATP site and discovered the metro station nearest my hostel is going to be closed. The next station is only about 3 extra minutes walk away, so it's hardly a disaster, but that's the sort of thing that's good to know in advance. I swear, it's a metro conspiracy. TfL seems to have gone out its way to make it difficult for me to get to Waterloo this weekend. ahamudillah, there is such a thing as the Waterloo and City line, odd little thing that it is.

Now I just have to decide if I want to spend a day going to Vincennes. It's weird, isn't it, that when you go back to a place you know well, all you want to do is revisit the places you haunted. I've never been to Vincennes, and I always wanted to, but I still take it as a given that I'll be spending ages of time in the Louvre-- where I know my way around, which should give you some idea of how much time I've already spent there-- but I don't know if I'll be going to see something new. There are all these things I used to do all the time that I feel like I have to go do-- why? I want to do them, of course, but I'm not sure why. Bien entendu, I'm quite clear on why I want to go to Angelina's-- everyone in their right mind who wants to be out of their mind stoned on theobromos wants to go there--

...and I totally forgot where I was going with that because I got distracted thinking about Angelina's chocolate chaud.

*is unstuck in time*

See what I mean? Mentally, I left last weekend.

I've been sneaking into bookstores to brush up on conjugating verbs. It is a strange disease, mes chers compatriots.


come fill the cup

Posted on 2007.04.07 at 22:44
@: desk
I am:: contentcontent
drifting in the air:: PlayRadioPlay: Let It Shine

This has been amusing me for like, the last 15 minutes. So I thought I'd post it.

And, you know, post something.

I've been on Spring Break, so I've been doing a lot of vegging. Mostly and exclusively vegging, really. Reading, playing way too much Kingdom of Loathing, taking walks. And planning trips to Paris that I probably can't afford (14-17 avril!).

It's poetry month! Have one:

The sun was warm but the wind was chill.
You know how it is with an April day.
When the sun is out and the wind is still,
You're one month on in the middle of May.
But if you so much as dare to speak,
a cloud come over the sunlit arch,
And wind comes off a frozen peak,
And you're two months back in the middle of March.
- Robert Frost

Hope everyone has a happy Easter, if that's your thing. If not, a happy vacation. And if you're, say, getting married today, I hope you have a lovely wedding. ;) ♥


forget smile again

Posted on 2007.03.12 at 16:08
I am:: crazycrazy
drifting in the air:: Super Drive, Gravitation OST
It's, uh, been awhile, huh? But honestly I've barely been online. Lots of schoolwork and then I'm too tired to bother when I get home. But today is gorgeously warm and I got home early, ostensibly to study for my dental exam.

Mostly, I'm drinking really sweet juice and eating crackers. Yay. You know, I spent an hour today looking at pictures of caries (cavities) and I'm still like "All your sugar are belong to us." Mmh, sugar.

Sorry, the teeth make us really weird. -Er than normal. It's the squinting at tiny things for hours on end. It gives us headaches and makes us loopy.

Also, I've been watching a lot of anime. This also makes me loopy. But I don't feel so guilty sitting down to watch an anime episode because it's shorter than an hour show, so I'm not wasting so much time except for how I then go on marathons.

I rewatched parts of Ouran and I, um, may be slightly obsessed with Gravitation, which I saw for the first time this week. If by "slightly" you mean liek whoa. I was playing the OST on repeat all day yesterday. And, you know, right now.

I have resisted making the obvious yaoi joke (since I made an All Your Base joke; I hope you appreciate that), but I'm afraid I'm still in danger of actually shouting "KAWAIIIIII!" out loud at some point. At which point I will kill myself, I promise.


no surprises, please

Posted on 2007.02.28 at 19:56
drifting in the air:: Radiohead- No Surprises
This term is insane. Insane. And too short. I don't want classes to be over in four weeks. I don't want to do all this work.

This biggest difference, I've been thinking tonight, between forensic archaeology and other kinds of archaeology, especially Egyptology, is in the sources. In forensics you never have to dig through journals from the 1920s; they don't even exist. In forensics, Newer is Better, which is actually sort of the antithesis of archaeology, isn't it?

Not that modern, thorough, scientific studies of archaeological sites aren't lovely to find. They are. The less an excavator's report makes you *facepalm* the better. But in archaeology-- at least Egyptian, and I assume in classics, too-- you need those old reports because stuff. falls. apart. And that's just how it works. If you're researching a site, you need to trace its excavation history.

But, in forensics, no such thing. The most reading you'll do on a site in witness reports from a mass grave. So, we have sources that are 1) all from the last 20 years-- 30 at the outside; 2) Newer is Always Better; and 3) just fewer sources in general.

And they're all in English.

Frankly, it's a bit bizarre. All the bibliographies I've ever looked at, all English, up and down the pages. In forensics it will never be the case that the only book that's ever been written on your subject is in German. Nice? Yes. But a bit creepy, too. What are all the French and Germans doing? Why don't we talk to each other? Where's all the Spanish? Half the forensic work ever done has been in Central and South America. My tutor is from Costa Rica! It must be there-- but no one's reading it?

I keep looking for articles in French because that's what I'm used to doing, and I just don't understand how there can't be any. Ou est tout le français?

To sum up: I am bothered that the reading's always easy.

Posted on 2007.02.20 at 23:55
I am:: sleepysleepy
The UK's going to begin withdrawing its troops from Iraq. Does that mean Saturday's protest is canceled? I don't think I could've gone anyway.

I continue to procrastinate on my papers. Clearly.

Life On Mars and Rome BOTH reached new heights of brilliance this week. I love you, tv.

Hopefully I'll remember to post pictures of the hat I finished last weekend. It's gotten rave reviews so far.

I had something else to say but I forgot it, ages ago. So... now I'm just spamming.

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