Furlough Friday Excursion

Three assignments in Oakland tomorrow. 90% chance of rain, 25 mph winds and temps in the 50s and 60s. I couldn't have picked a worse day for an excursion if I tried. Now, how does one juggle an umbrella, a clipboard, a backpack and a camera, all at the same time? I'll let you know when I find out.
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Farewell, sweet princess:(

Yesterday, my family lost one of its beloved members – my lean and lovely, clever and mischievous black beauty, Daisy. She was eight years old, basset/beagle mix, an escape artist, queen of her domain, well mannered when it suited her, Winker’s leader. She was with us only two years and a few weeks. Two different, aggressive, and malignant cancers claimed her and we gave her relief and laid her to rest, with the help of two friends, one across the street and the other on the other coast. Thank you, AC and SD. Friends like you are what makes life worth living.

Here is Daisy on dogster.com

It helps that we still have Winker. She keeps us grounded. She seems to miss Daisy, too, is lingering when she goes outside, looking around, like she did when Daisy went on long walks. Perhaps looking for her. We may never know. I hope, and pray, we can prevent Winker from leaving us the same way we have lost Roscoe and Daisy.

I am, needless to say, going to do some research, to understand what happened and hopefully prevent a recurrence in another pet. I am inclined to believe that our home’s proximity to a high power substation may have been significant in this development. Others disagree. If you, too, are interested, here are some of my first result sites.

Canine Mast Cell Tumors: A Common Cancer in Dogs

Dr. Demian Dressler, DVM, the dog cancer vet blogs about canine cancer

EMFs might threaten pooch

Anyone interested in a FREE website review and report?

I know I haven’t posted in a long time. I guess I’m just not much of a blogger. Too much of my leisure time is caught up in schooling, homework, research, and planning, not to mention down time for pain and exhaustion and impaired sleep.
I was discussing my web design plans with Doc the other day and he suggested that I approach my friends and co-workers with websites with my ideas. And I told him, NONE of my friends and co-workers HAVE websites! So he says, well, he knew a few dozen companies and individuals with websites and I could ask them. He suggested I send him an email with the wording I wanted to use but it occurred to me I could just as easily do it myself by posting to my livejournal blog.
I’ve taken a hiatus from school this spring, in part to put together a new website, which will focus primarily on natural treatments for a variety of disorders, starting with diabetes. I haven’t come to a firm decision on the domain name yet; I have some ideas, but I’m still open to suggestions. And one of my choices was previously owned by an artist and is now unused but coming up for renewal in a few months.   I’m thinking of snagging it… we’ll see how that turns out.
Side by side on the same site will be my website review and validation service. I thought long and hard on what I was most suited to and decided to specialize in review, validation, and some re-designing. It’s a chicken and egg situation though. I have to have some proofs under my belt to display in a gallery/testimonial arrangement before I can hope to attract clients, but I have to have had clients in order to compile a gallery/testimonial arrangement. You see my quandary …
So Doc suggested and I agreed to offer my services, free of charge, to anyone surfing his livejournal. 
What am I offering? Well, I plan to start with a popularity search through Alexa and Google. This will tell me when the site was launched, what kind of traffic it receives, if any, how many sites have linked to it, page rank, etc. This answers the question of whether a re-design is in order and how urgent that may be. This will include comparisons with sites with similar content, keywords and time online.
Following that is a review of the actual pages of the website, including external and image files. Appearance; color scheme; format; text alignment; fonts; number, size, compression and placement of images; outgoing links and link pages; version of HTML in use; site structure; basic files such as index, about, sitemap, disclaimer, privacy policy, and so on; keywords; coding organization and cleanliness/error rate; JavaScript and CSS coding and files; and dynamic content.
Contingent will be a review in not less than three of five validation services for coding errors that would impair disability access. This is an important step, especially in light of the readiness of disabled individuals to pursue lawsuits against websites that provide products or services those individuals cannot enjoy because those websites remain inaccessible. Disability compliance is more than the law, it is a cover-your-ass move. Small websites, especially, cannot afford the cost of expensive lawsuits, when a little foresight can solve the problem before it becomes a costly mistake. 
Finally I will take at least one and as many as five pages and re-design them, cleaning up and validating the code, compressing images, reorganizing site structure and outgoing links, etc. The designs will be simple, using the existing images, but they will be clean and professional and optimized for disability access. The designs I create will be yours to keep and use, free of charge, as long as they display a tiny link back to my service.   You are not required to use them, of course. The re-design is primarily to demonstrate good website design and how a change of design can improve your traffic and, thus, your income from that website.
All of my research, reviews, and results will be compiled into a thorough report, presented in PDF format, zipped up by WinZip. 
In return I’d like to ask your opinions on this type of service. Questions would be asked both before and after, such as how needful you see the service to be, what price tag you feel would be appropriate/comfortable, what you feel the service should offer, do you feel you learned anything significant during the process, how would you write a contract for such service, and so on. I would also expect you to agree to be featured in my client gallery, including before and after screenprints, and would ask you to write an honest testimonial to accompany those entries. I don’t expect your testimonial to be 100% complementary, but I do expect it to be honest and forthright.
Because this is a free service, it will be first come, first served. Completion dates will be determined by final agreement. Please allow 1-2 weeks for completion once a final agreement email has been exchanged. This offer will terminate August 1,2008, in preparation for the fall semester, when I will have very little time outside my classes and homework to do more than enhance my own website(s). Once I launch this service commercially, there will be a period of time when I will offer a discounted, introductory rate, which I will again mention here on livejournal.
You must be the owner or webmaster of a website to participate. Link farms and religiously-oriented websites need not apply. That is not because I have anything against religiously-oriented websites but because my service site will be 100% nondenominational. Favor will be given to individuals over large commercial enterprises; however, don’t let that stop you from applying. Of course, everyone is welcome to comment on this proposal and offer suggestions.

Please send your initial request for a review through LiveJournal to my _lythande screenname.  Please include your full name, and the URL of the website you wish to have reviewed.  

Thanks for your time and attention.

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it was!

Well, the big gallbladder flush is over and done with! Did it work? Yes, I think so, since I have no chest pain and I did appear to pass lots of little somethings that floated. They were more yellow than green/tan. Doc thinks they were macadamia nuts I had the night before. Only a lab can tell, I'm sure. But I feel good.

Now, I followed the recommendations of a flush described on the LJ gallbladderhelp board. But not to the letter. My diabetes and my four-hour stomach made that impossible. But I think my workaraounds were still effective and I learned some things.

There are five drinks, not four, as the writer mentioned. She was correct in that only four of the five drinks could be called doses, since they contained epson salts, where one drink did not. However, she recommended only five grapefruits to yield three cups or four measures of 3/4 cups each, including four jars with lids. In actuality, five measures of 3/4 cups each were needed, and five jars with lids. Chronologically, the first two doses turn on the laxative action of the epson salts and open the ducts in the liver and gallbladder, giving one the Texas two-step with floating results. The third drink contains no epson salts, but combines juice with pulp and 1/2 cup of olive oil. This actually serves to turn OFF the flush so there is no risk of accidents while you sleep. In the morning, after 7am, there are two more epson salt loaded drinks, at two hour intervals, followed by light meals through the remainder of the day.

The epson salts can be purchased in various sizes, but you might have to shop around to find the smaller size. I found a little pint sized (1 lb.) box for $1.29 at Longs Drugs, but Target had only half-gallon sized for about $2.50. Since you need only four tablespoons, smaller is better.

Slicing up five grapefruits and juicing them is hard work. Only one fruit is necessary, to yield the pulp for the turn-off drink. I think unsweetened grapefruit juice would be perfectly ok for the liquid necessary and cost is probably comparative. I spent $4.50 on the package of fruits.

The diet calls for low fat meals before and after. I went with tofu, canned crab, tuna, and eggs cooked in butter-flavored low-fat cooking spray for my protein (not together, of course). I opted for Wheat-Thins, and rice cooked with only one tablespoon of olive oil instead of the called for two tablespoons, and seasoned the results with Fried Rice seasoning. I also opted for fresh fruits, including apples, but while I love fruit, fruit does not love me. I developed an excruciating sugar headache, which felt like something was stabbing behind one eyeball and the back of my head. I could not take any pain reliever for it and so my afternoon and evening was a miserable marathon of clock watching and bathroom visits. After I took my turn-off drink in the evening, I waited another couple of hours and then ate a meal, because by then I was so hungry I was in considerable stomach pain. I also took one aspirin for the headache. It was gone by morning.

I decided to forgo the morning routine. By this point I had no chest pain and my blood sugar was so off balance I spent a good part of Saturday in bed or resting. Next time I think I'll go with veggies instead of fruits.

So next time you feel chest pain that doesn't escalate into a heart attack, doesn't go away and worsens when you bend over, add apples to your diet first, at least one a day (up to four a day), and follow it up with a gallbladder flush on a weekend. Allow three days if you do the full flush or just the weekend if you abbreviate it. And you don't have to start it late in the day. Next time I plan to try a morning routine instead, so I can be back to regular meals by noon. Just try to stick to the time schedule, that is, a four-hour fast followed by dose #1, two hour fast followed by dose #2, another two hour fast followed by the turn-off drink, then a meal after another two hours. Repeat two doses the next morning, if you go with the full treatment.

How often? Don't know. Just started this. Maybe once a month, maybe only when you feel chest pain. Probably a better preventative is once a month or so, pain or no. I have several co-workers who have had gallbladder problems. One mentioned she had felt no discomfort, then horrific pain. Went to the emergency room and then into emergency surgery shortly thereafter. Her gallbladder was necrotic. So pain is not really a good measuring stick. If you survive the first episode without surgery, preventive techniques should best be instituted.

Remember, the bile of the gallbladder breaks down the fats you consume. Not all fats are bad for you. Monounsaturated fats (olives, olive oil, avocados, guacamole, canola oil, tahini, macadamia nuts, just to name a few) help your body produce good eicosanoids (eye-KAH-sah-noyds) and turn off your hunger pangs. Monounsaturated fats are !Essential! to steady, permanent weight loss.

Btw, down to 271# from 305#. Thanks to The Zone diet and increased water consumption. Lost five pounds the week I had chest pain because I drank so much and ate so little. Remember, 80 ounces minimum daily, up to half your body weight in ounces if you are trying to lose weight or correct health problems. The LAST symptom of dehydration is dry mouth, not the first. The FIRST symptom is pain. Read Your Body's Many Cries for Water for more details.

Well, tah tah for now:)
Hope y'all had a dandy weekend!

Keep on keepin' on...

Well, I'm feeling much better this week. The chest pain is only an occasional nuisance; most of the time there is none. I believe this is because I think I passed a small stone a couple days ago. It looked like a piece of corn, in size and shape and almost in color. But it was alone and almost a week since I had had any corn to eat. Usually when I passed undigested corn, I pass several kernels at the same time. Since then the pain has diminished substantially, which is the second reason I think it was a stone and not corn.

Nevertheless, I still plan to implement the gallbladder flush I found on the gallbladderhelp LJ group. Or at least as much as I can "stomach" (little pun there:) I've found that eating apples DOES seem to soften the stones, but four a day was beyond me. And with my diabetes, apples only made me hungrier, they did nothing to staunch my appetite. So they did not function well as my carbohydrate component. Still, apples alone flushed that one stone, so that rule of thumb has been proven, at least to my satisfaction.

Will be taking off tomorrow to commence this routine. Maybe I'll redecorate the bathroom while I'm at it, seeing as how I'll be spending the better part of the next three days in it. Then again...
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Well, that's got me pegged!

the Ham
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Link: The 3 Variable Funny Test written by jason_bateman on Ok Cupid

Found this on my gallbladder flush search - btw, found something very promising. Will let you know how it goes!
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