MaYaN!!! (_luckykisses) wrote,

hey..well this is kinda well is back up!!!...i think it was down since yesterday so ya...idk...well today i woke up at 9, took a shower, went back to bed, then joey texted me like a million times saying...WAKE UP BABY blah blah blah and i didnt wana but i finally woke up at 1115 and called him and then got ready for soccer. then the park was closed so i was jus standing there waiting 4 my mom cuz my mom went to get summin for my step-dad so i stayed there with everyone and then my mom came and i went to vons to get starbucks and a roll of quarters for laundry, then we went to longsand i got a notebook for mr. huang's warm-ups and pens..then i went home..changed called joey and went to do laundry and i saw joey, stephon, erik, anthony, and miles and they wana beat my!!! and then i like attacked joey with my shin guards and then i jus went to change my laundry and they werent there. well thats <3

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