MaYaN!!! (_luckykisses) wrote,

hey...well ya sry i havent updated ina while,..ive been it goes...

MONDAY: back to school!!!!! uhhh it was so boring butit was really fun seeing everyone agen so ya..and the joey came over for a while n ya

TUESDAY:ok was an early baby came after skewl...i tried 2 get contacts but the guy was out 4 lunch so ya i didnt get em...and then....uhmmm....i went 2 joeys house with joey stephon anthony erik and miles and uhm..ya and then after a while sasha came and then blah blah blah...and my mom caught me not at sashas now im grounded for 2weeks xept for sunday wen theres guna be my babys 16th birthday!!!!! <3333333

WEDNESDAY:wet and wild!!!!! lmfao!! jazzy!!!! lol well 2day was jus chill w.e i was pose 2 go 2 the gym until i got my period...=( w.e

thats it i dont wana type anymore im not in the mood to...


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