MaYaN!!! (_luckykisses) wrote,

i hope he realizes im mad at him.

hey hey hey...well wats up everyone..well yesterday was f-u-n!!! well 1st i went to joeys hose..we chilled and then i went home n took a shower and then me n joye left to sashas house where harmonie and miles were..sasha n miles were in her room me n joey were in the kitchen and harmonie was in the living room watching TV...well then....harmonie left...then............sasha knows wat...and then we sat on the couch and i was laying on joey and i fell asleep and then he woke me up and then her mom came and she dropped me off at home..and then wen i went home n fell asleep and then my babez called me and wqe talked and we blew kisses to eachother frm my were and today i went to joeys house AGEN and then i was guna go over sashas house but my mom wudnt take me.. =\ anywaiz.....tomor. im prolly guna do nothing or walk sumwhere or go 2 joey's or have him come ovr...but idk..w.e

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