January 4th, 2005

i was like..emilioooo...wait..theres no emillo!

hey everyone...well ya right now its too early to be up but i am up so ya..i woke up @ nine and im just waiting for emily to wake up..last night was soo much fun!!!! lmao!!!! ok first we were jsust on the computer "ESCAPING" from people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha...and emilio retardo..hahaha( melissa my friend emily really liked ursn cuz she wont stop saying it!! lmao..its gay remember!) and then we went in2 my room and we were writing nottes to people and throwing em out the window..! fun fun fun...and then we were talking on the phone..emily was talking to taylor retardo and i was looking at pix and then emily got off the phone and anoosh called and i was talking to anoosh retardo and then e had to go cuz david retardo was calling and i had 2 go cuz i had emillio retardo was here so WE had to go n then wen i was on the phone with anoosh retardo my sexy man retardo texted me n emilio retardo was like bada bing! lmfao!!!! and im bada boom!so she was texting with my boyfriend retardo and then he was like wtf r u on that crack and im like hahaha no cuz he called aat 1130 and we wera watching spice girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO! THE BRITISH R GUNA TAKE OVER THE WORLD WITH WOMEN'S UNDERWEAR AND ELTON JOHN CDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO! EMILIO RWETARDO...ITS ELTON RETARDO! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAWELL YA WE WERE KINDA CRAZY ..HAHAHA... KEVIN MAXINGTOWN JIDSHGASDHG W.E HIS NAME IS IN THE SPICE GIRLS IS THE BRITISH DONALD TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA..WOW I LAUGHED SO HARD LAST NIGHT! HAHAA...WE CUDNT CUT THE APPLES AND MY CAT WAS CIRCLING HER!!!!!!!!lmao..she duznt like her toes! lol well ya
comment<3 much

jus got home and pissed already...wow..watta life i have =\

well ya i jus got home frm universal with emily and elizabeth we went on the mummy ride 10 time n my head hurts so bad...n the guy that was there was really weird he kept talking 2 us..n he like came riight by my ear n went..BLAH! n im like w/t/f! n emily is like stfu ima fuk u up bitch! lmfao! n 4 the pix we took like funny faces n the guy next to me was trying to fit in but it didnt work and we all felt bad 4 him cuz he was copying us..but w.e he was old..i understand! lmao...and then we went 2 the jurassic park thingy and emily got a shirt that i piked out and its sooo cool it has dinosaurs on it! lol and i had 2 leave suzi ( my cellphone) in the locker..and the locker thingys were soooooooo cool! lol and wow i saw jeremy chrisparra michell and yusef and he took a pic of me on his phone for sum reason and emily and elizabeth made weird funny names for me: dooney richard grieco guateloupe fritos suzie and cheetos...lmfao!!!!!!! funnay shyeeet....shut the fuk up! lol and then i lost a quarter in the foot massage thingy and the guy screamed clear wen i said emilioooo! and me n elizxabeth yelled emiliooo through like the whole locker rooms n she was like right behind us! lmfao! and then blah blah blah i gott anew antennae and it flashes **thnx sarah** and then more blahs and we got lost and my mom went like loser cuz she was lost n ya n then i came home n i got REALLY pissed off im NOT GUNA SAY Y..BUT W.E fuck it..

♥ much...comment =\
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