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So, Brexit.

I've not posted it about it because what's to say, really? And -- regardless of whether you yourself are Leave or not -- any conversation with anyone who feels strongly about "Stay" pretty much goes like this:

“But have you considered it might be about...”
“But maybe there's...”
“Racist xenophobe!”

And then there are the completely insufferably arrogant "people will vote against their own self-interest" responses that generally indicate it's not worth having a discussion with that person.

However you feel about the Brexit result, you should seriously be troubled by the abject rejection of democracy displayed by those who didn't get what they wanted.

I'd be fine with outraged "their votes shouldn't count" idiocy going on about the 60+ year old voters who made up the majority (?) of Leave voters, as long as we can include some other groups of voters whose opinions are, actually, even more invalid. I mean, old people only fought off the Nazis, withstood the blitzkrieg, and then rebuilt their cities by hand from the rubble. So of COURSE they shouldn't have a say. But let's also get rid of the vote of anyone under 25 since there's a neuroscientist consensus that their brains aren't even fully developed yet. Or how about unmarried/childless women over 40? I mean, I would think a spinster would have less to say about the future than a 70 year old, as the 70 year old likely has grandchildren they care about. You see where that goes?

And for anyone who was "shocked" by this vote, I'd guess you've not been following what a hot mess the EU has been becoming over the last few years. The popularity of the EU has been down in many countries, in some of them it's at lower levels than in the UK, and this is not a right v left issue.

At any rate, wherever your opinion of Brexit falls, I think Megan Mcardle presents a nicely sober take on the hysteria.

(And for people who don't click through links in articles, this is linked to in the article and it's worth a read as well).
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