Pure Wind from a Pure Land (_luaineach) wrote,
Pure Wind from a Pure Land


So, if you use spotify you've probably seen the new "Found Them First" thing, which is well summed up in this article. Jet and I were glad to get a definitive count because Jet has a long history of hearing my spotify playlists and then hearing many of the songs on the radio 6-12 months later (and then getting outraged that I don't try to apply that picking ability to stocks!). Per spotify's criteria, I was in the first 1% of listeners for Hozier, Banks, Courtney Barnett, Smallpools, Tove Lo, Gorgon City, The Neighborhood, and Iggy Azalea.

I still don't understand why Banks isn't a much bigger hit than she is. Or at least than I know she is. Maybe she tops club charts?

If you want to know who else I was listening to in 2014 that I think should be/get much bigger, I'll tell you! Robert deLong, Zella Day, and Milky Chance to just name three. You can listen to the others on my One Long Love Song v.2014 playlist. (And I have also been compiling a 2015 one since the beginning of the year.)

And the song "Here" that is in my "current music" above is also a fabulous song so watch for Alessia Cara, too!

And here's a bonus picture of my day:

Lounge chair office today. Workaday woes!
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