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(This is Not a) Love Song

She keeps Moet et Chandon in a pretty cabinet.

Report Card @ 11:51 am


We had school registration day yesterday and so now have his official report card (the official official one comes out so late because AP exams count as class finals in his AP classes and affect grades and those scores don't come out until July. I don't think I ever posted about his scores on those: he got 4s on both parts of Physics C (Mechanics, and Electricity and Magnetism) and a 3 on US History. I predicted the 3 because he's only gotten 3s in classes in which he didn't like the teacher and in which he felt the class was behind the other classes, both of the case in last year's APush class.

Anyway, last year when I posted his report card I said:

"I would have of course been happier with an A in Honors Chem but a B in Spanish is fantastic for him. And the B in Honors Chem isn't anything to sniff about, given the AP class load he was carrying last year!"

And it is almost exactly the same this year - I would have been happier with an A in Honors Bio but the B in Spanish is fantastic! The difference with this year is that I was quite a bit more displeased with the Bio B than I was with the Chem B because last year he DIDN'T have a giant AP case load (and thus so many tests) to prep for so he could have gotten an A on the final.

Pretty much every school looks at weighted GPA v regular GPA so he's in a pretty good spot with his 4.38.