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ALSO A NOTE for 2014: I'm finding it harder and harder to want to make time to actually "post" here -- I really just don't have that much to go on about -- but I still read my Flist (or at least some pared down chunk of it) daily. I am also still trying to post daily but I am doing it via photos with the prompts at Fat Mum Slim photo-a-day and with a daily gratitude picture a la the 365Grateful Project. I do always have commentary with the pictures; sometimes more, sometimes less. In the efforts of fostering more "LJ conversation", this year I've resolved to reply to all comments (which is the first baby step to then actually commenting more myself elsewhere) although I've not always been managing it in a timely fashion (but i've resolved "better late than never")

LiveJournal won't let you post a playlist, but you can launch it as a stand alone player, if you ever want to listen to what I am listening to (more or less; sometimes I'm not listening to this playlist at all, but frequently I am.). I update it fairly frequently and am adjusting the date of this entry so that it stays at the lead of my page -- that way you can update right along with me!

ETA: I'm just linking to my which I am now using since they broke playlist. :(
ETA: except now i don't ever use since i am all about spotify...
ETA: except now scrobbles spotify so this should be back up to date again, assuming it works.
ETA: well now it appears no longer supports porting to LJ so here's my constantly evolving "best of [current year]" playlist on spotify

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