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helga hufflepuff...

use well the days.

.:: helga ::.
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Helga Jessamine Hufflepuff


Helga was born in a small castle held by her father, Lord Maheloas Hufflepuff and his beloved companion, Jessamine. Settled in a quaint little valley, the lands of Hufflepuff were bountiful but by no means equal to many of the surrounding properties. Despite lack of physical holdings, the Hufflepuff family nevertheless has held a strong position in the company of other Wizarding families for many hundreds of years due to their impeccably charming personalities and their reputation as being keepers of the peace. To assist in their 'keeping of the peace', Maheloas has an expert troop of wizarding knights that really do more sitting then fighting until recent attacks have put them in arms.

Jessamine raised her children with little help from nursemaids or a governess. In the Hufflepuff nursery, thirteen children have passed in rapid succession. First born was Hextilda, followed by Launcelot, Clarion, Rodney, Helga, Albin, Dinadan, Elayne, Jessamy, Tiessot, Lamorak, Orrick, and Gwendolen. Unfortunately, Elayne was a sickly child and did not live past her twelve birthday. Hextilda, though the eldest, could not inherit the house of Hufflepuff due to her being a woman and Launcelot was named heir after his seventeenth birthday, Helga being fourteen at the time.

Helga grew up in the constant company of her large family, being babied by her older siblings - specifically by Launcelot - and looked up to by her youngest siblings. She spent a good bit of her time in her younger years assisting and taking care of her sister, Elayne. At Elayne's dead, the family was devasted and it was only after a few months of mourning that Helga was able to return to a daily routine, as she attributed the girl's death to some failure on her part - a guilt that she continues to harbor. From her mother, Helga inherited such traits as patience, devotion and a steady sense of emotional balance. It was also through Jessamine and an odd twist of fate that Helga befriended Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw and Godric Gryffindor - a man who she still looks up to with unfailing respect.

As a person, Helga is a beautiful and charming young woman who is kind unless given reason not to be. She was trained by some of Maheloas' best knights, and so has formidable skills with the wand and sword. The idea of the wizarding community - pureblood or muggle-born - being prosecueted for their abilities frightens her, though she means to fight against such events. Due to the incident involving her younger sister's death, she is horribly protective of her friends and has a caring nature. She would put her own life on the line in exchange for her friends, specifically Salazar, Rowena and Godric. Because of her willingness and need to protect others, she can become quite a wildcat on a field of battle if only due to passion.

Helga has a variety of hobbies and affinities that she takes pleasure in, specifically things revolving around out-of-doors. She has always been an avid horseback rider, and collects flowers and leaves. Due to her status as a Lady, she also picked up such talents as weaving tapestries, singing, dancing and playing various instruments. She did take a liking to the lute - which she carries along with her wherever she wanders - and the harp - which remains at the Hufflepuff castle.

Her sometimes blind faith in people can lead her into troubling predicaments. She's kind all to often and rarely angered, though when she is it usually ends violently. She is very loyal and faithful to friends and the Hufflepuff name.

muggleborn wards...:

*note: The Founding Four (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw) were all instructed by Jessmine due to the busy schedules of the other families and Jessamine's dedication to teaching.

[disclaimer: I do not own Helga Hufflepuff, nor am I really her. This is part of Dona Nobis Pacem: Give Us Peace - an RPG, the link is provided above. Her PB/icons are Mirando Otto.]