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[22 Feb 2004|02:44pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Lord Salazar has arrived! He made his way by floo powder, and appeared in the dining hall fireplace this morning. Jessamine is positively delirious in her excitement, to the point that I feared for her health when he appeared. We had all been gathered in the Hall, the breakfast set and kept warm by various charms. And he was quite suddenly... there!

Oh, I am simply so happy to have company that I can't even put it into words.

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[21 Feb 2004|06:11pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

They're coming! I've been owling Lord Godric, Lord Slytherin and Lady Ravenclaw - Godric has consent to coming, so has Salazar, though I am eagerly awaiting Rowena's response - but how could she deny me such a pleasure?

Jessamine is positively estatic. Running this way and that way and having all the guest bedrooms cleaned thoroughly so that the company can have their choice of any - though their old rooms have been worked on specifically hard. Gwendolen is preparing herself for Godric's arrival - though I fear for her adoring a memory, lest he might have changed significantly over the years. By his letter, I can't say he has changed much but I still worry. Launcelot is eager to hear news from the Gryffindor house.

Speaking of Launcelot, his wife, Esdeline, spent much of her day with Gwendolen and I while in the courtyard. Grisandole, Rodney's wife, also joined us some time after lunch. I rarely get to spend time with my sister-in-laws. Grisandole is usually at my brother's estate on the otherside of the valley and Esdeline... well, she usually keeps to herself. Today was a splendid day, and I can simply not wait for the morrow. Father has even ordered a special feast tonight. A few merchants from the near village have been accepted to dine with the nobility, and even a few peasants have been admitted into the hall. We've ministrels, bards, and a traveling tumbling group as well.

I'm off, for the maids are tugging at my dress strings and attempting to brush my hair even as I write. They can't stand the thought of my being late.

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[21 Feb 2004|12:22am]
I've sent an owl to Godric. He responded that he is well and would enjoy a stay in the valley. Mother was positively enthralled when I relayed the message to her and set out to clean the castle. I tried to explain that I had no idea when Lord Gryffindor might be able to join us, but she would not hear a word of it! Even when I mentioned that it might be weeks! Poor Mother - she always gets so lonely for company out of the valley.

I also sent an owl to Salazar, though I've recieved no response. I can only hope that the owl I sent the message with doesn't take too long to find the Slytherin home. I suppose I long for communication with someone outside of my family as much as Jessamine.

Rodney and I played games most the evening, of course Gwendolen joined us later. After dinner (which was, for some reason, a rather rowdy affair tonight), Hextilda joined Gwendolen and I by the fire to work on our tapestry while the boys talked about the hunts they might take when the weather became more agreeable. Orrick seems especially excited about it.

Jessamy said that if I look out the window one more time, that he'll throttle me. I know better than to take such a threat seriously, but I suppose I'll end this entry to rejoin my siblings.
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[18 Feb 2004|09:18pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

I started the day off a bit wrong, what with going to visit Elayne so early in the morning. It was dreary out, so I had to take a hooded cape. Elsa wasn't too happy when I came back damp, she even made me change. And proceeded to scold me for visiting the graveyard in such weather.

Luckily, Launcelot came to my rescue. He and Rodney took Gwendolen and I out for a short ride. We had a great amount of fun and ended up picnicing just outside the woods on the edge of the valley. The sun had melted away the morning fog, so the day was cheery. Gwendolen and I went about picking wildflowers for Mother while the men played at sword-fighting with a pair of sticks. It was utterly ridiculous, but sister and I got a good laugh!

I'm anxious to go to Gryffindor court. I'd enjoy speaking to Lord Godric again. I sent of an owl to Rowena today hoping she might agree to meet me there. I haven't left the valley for a good many years, it'd be pleasant to go for a visit.

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