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I live in a town full of fast cars and freedom. I like to drink, and I hate hot weather. I love writing almost everything down. I like Popcorn and the Real World. My favorite food is Hot Dogs, and yes I hate vegetables. My favorite color is Navy Blue, and I am in love with anything by or relating to Oasis. My favorite book....shit I read Rolling Stone, and that's pretty much it, except for the occasional novel filled with the F word, and Cosmo. Dawson's Creek is my favorite show, and I hardly enjoy anything trying to be like it. I like jeans and t-shirts, and flip flops are my favorite because I hate socks. My hair is seriously gorgeous, and if you tell me otherwise I'll tell you to go to hell. I am currently in love but I can tell you that will be going nowhere. I also love Paris Hilton, and the movie Rock Star. I like boys that play hockey, and Pennsylvanian accents.

"I remember when the days were long, and the living room was on the lawn"

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Kurt Donald Cobain 4.5.94

Lydia Christine Bench 4.3.01

Kelly Michele Zaborowski 7.13.04