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I only dream of you and you never knew
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25th-Oct-2014 09:16 am - iceland + the UK
it's me., aw shucks
this autumn me, my mum and my sister all headed for a family holiday in one of the most unlikely places (..unlikely if you know my mum, and this was her idea!) the three of us packed our bags and headed north to iceland for a long weekend over thanksgiving. we had a great time - iceland is an amazing country that's unlike any other - we explored, spent time as a family and experienced something different! from there my mum and sister headed home and I headed to the UK for a solo adventure.

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3rd-Nov-2013 12:06 am - my trip to ireland and england!
it's me., aw shucks
this past week I took my first week of holiday from my new(ish) job and got to visit ireland and england - my first return back to the UK since being deported leaving in 2012! I had an absolutely brilliant time - my first time in ireland and hopefully not my last. it's a beautiful, very green little island full of lovely people, breathtaking views and a lot of limestone (surprise!) I met up with my friend, emily, who's been one of my best friends for a few years now - she lives in warwick and we met when I was living in england. I've taken LOADS of photos - all of which (and more) are up on facebook, twitter (@ohellesea) and instagram (@ohellesea).

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