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I only dream of you and you never knew
2015 Q1 Results 
29th-Mar-2015 03:34 pm
it's me., aw shucks
2015 is off to a great start!

In January I moved into my own apartment in Toronto and am still working on getting it feeling homey and lived-in, but it's coming along! I went to the ripley's aquarium with my mum, sister and grandma and mainly hibernated as it was a really cold winter.

In February I did more of the same, just worked and did indoor activities, except for the ice sculpture festival! I also went to see robin hood on stage, which was AMAZING

In March I got to do a day of work at the airport seeing a bunch of our groups off. I also went to Paris for work and had a great time running and cycling around the city checking in with our groups on the road.

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