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I only dream of you and you never knew
1st-Nov-2014 05:51 pm
it's me., aw shucks
autumn this year has actually been pretty good; the weather's been nice, I've done lots of fun things with friends and I'm ready to accept that winter is coming.

DONUTS! I've recently discovered jelly modern and it's a dangerous thing.

there was a reunion of the frankie100 team awesome registration squad at a potluck at steph's place.

we day! I got to attend, thanks to my work, again this year and enjoyed a day of music, speeches and thousands of screaming teenagers!

my friend atchara came to visit!! she stayed a week in montreal and a week at clarke manor in toronto. it was an absolute pleasure spending a week with her; we ate a lot, we cycled on the island and explored toronto!

me, my mum and shelly got our dinner lady on at a church event in mel lastman square. attractive, no?

nuit blanche. me, michael, thomas and michael's sister and boyfriend walked around, took in some "art" and mainly just queued a lot. nice to hang out though :)

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