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I only dream of you and you never knew
July 9th, 2015 
it's me., aw shucks
spring 2015 was good! I did a bit of travel, I made lots of yummy food and went on a couple adventures with friends (and mainly looked forward to the weather improving after a really long and horrid winter)

I made some home-made ravioli

I went to a maple syrup festival on a farm in ontario with my pal jonathan

jonathan and I went on another adventure to the scarborough bluffs

my work went axe-throwing (it was actually super fun and I can't wait to go again!)

I decided I needed some me-time away from everything so I booked a last-minute trip to cuba (it ended up being a weird trip; I got really sick, the weather was horrible, some funny stuff happened but it was still nice to get away and leave technology behind)

I admired the view from my new apartment

my paternal grandmother (a keen reader of my blog and life updates) passed away. my dad, sister and I spent a few days in BC for the service and to spend time with family. it was a sad reason to visit but the trip was really lovely; it was great hanging out with family that I otherwise really rarely get to see

I went to see the musical "once" with my friend bianca (it was great! I watched the film it was based on later and completely fell in love with it)


I had an impromptu father's day picnic with my pops!

I celebrated pride in toronto with my friend patrick (we went to homo night in canada - a comedy night that was actually funny)

I went to the queen's plate with my mum and aunties shelly and dana

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