work it out .. nooow.

aye guys ! allie and i are just chillin' - talkin' you know .. yesterday school was lame .. as usual but allie came home with me and we chilled. then lenny popped over & we all headed to the movies to meet a bunch of lame people. lol you know who you are. so i was freakin hungry so i made allie and jennifer come to fridays with me and lenny and we ate a bunch of food. then they like left us so we finished up the food =) so then we just freaking walked around the movies all night and it was the most boring thing ever. until i saw the most beautiful girl in whole world = katherine kolter. i love her. haha & michael i'm a fagg and dont have any friends durante should have gotten his ass kicked .. but no .. ? haha .. anyway after like a bagillion hours of doing nothing we left and i swear i will never go back there again unless i'm seeing a movie. so allie and i just like went to bed.

soo .. we have off school monday. yessuh =) & my mom was supposed to be in hilton head until sunday night but she's comming home today because we don't think she'll be able to fly back because of ivan. & i might go chill at lenny's today .. we'll see.

but i'm gonna go .. comment freaky's ! <33

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got you all hot & bothered.

hollerr * wow - this week = mucho boring !! lol ; but whatever anyway .. i dunno what's goin' on this weekend. allie & emmer were supposed to come over friday but emma's lame and has other plans & i think my parents might go out of town anyway .. ? but then again if this ivan guy // hurricane comes then my rents will stay home & i can chill. =)

anyway .. today was totally lame ! did not wanna wake up - at all .. i have a gay grade in biology but i have 120 in alg. ; ha. so now i'm totally watching mtv & catching up with natasha !!! ;]

so all your asses better comment on this -
i loverr * you !

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what happened to frances ??

hey kids ! let me fill you in - thursday after school i dropped lenny off and went to the naples mall then i got home and allie invited me to the movies. so i met ashlee, haley, jennifer, allie, neil, andy, eric and james up there. we saw andacondas .. ? that movie was crazy weird ! ha then we walked around and got some ice cream & allie's daddy picked us up and we headed back her way. when we got home we decided to go for a golf cart ride up to 7-11 to get some grub & knowing us pigs we ended up going back for more food. lmao. then .. hell i don't even remember what we did after that .. ? i guess we went to bed.

we woke up at like 9 friday morning & rode up to 7-11 for some breakfast .. picked up chad & went up to the deli .. mr chaddifer bought us lunch .. what a cool kid. we dropped him off and i think we tried to take a nap but that didn't work so we went back and picked up chad and crazy josh haha that kid is so funny. he was pretending to be a hurricane and he like blew on me and spit haha i was dying. but i guess you'd have to be there then we went muddin' a little and picked up kayleigh .. went muddin' again and got stuck. haha so this guys had to get us out. then chad & josh got in trouble so they had to go home .. then me kay and al went up to the ice cream shop. so we got home and we were just gonna run inside for a second and we left the radio on the golf cart so we got back outside and we were like lets put on some music .. but uh - there was no radio ?? .. we we drove around and found it in someones yard with no batteries .. some lame boys stole it. haha losers, who does that ?! so we went in and i talked to lenny on the phone for a bit then fell asleep.

saturday we chilled, went to the ale house around 1.30 and got lunch and played pool .. haha you could call it that. but was freezing cold and i was shaking so i couldn't even hit the ball. lmao it was terrible so allie and i quit. then i got dropped off .. got pretty - picked up lorenzo and headed over to my aunts for dinner. then we got home and "watched a movie" lol .. then dropped him off at like 10 ..

today i've been waitin' for this mr.frances guy but i don't think he's comming. so i've just been hangin out and now i'm on the phone so uh .. i guess i'll go.


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i'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby.

heyy there =DD .. well i so do not feel like updating but i am anyway .. ? lenny's here ! .. lol nothing has happened lately .. wtv. friday i'm going to dunbar !! haha because allie misses it .. & then allie and i are going to the football game and then i'm stayin' the night at that chick's house ! ha` .. but that's about it. so holllller ! & tell me how much you love me !! ;]


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i'm bouncin off the walls again ..

daddy's got the best cocain.

hey babes !! it's been a while since a real update so .. friday after school i had try-outs .. which was lame because i totally messed up & i woo.ed haha. but after that i went home - changed - & met my lover at the movies. so the whole night it was like me lenny carlos lindsay and sameeeeeeer. but the night was totally wack .. like we were in a dream and i was off the walls - damn. but lenny made me walk to god damn taco freakin bell .. ergh & i most definitley did not sit by him becuase last time i ate with him he got red stuff all over my white shirt. anyway .. after that we walked back to the movies .. & got our picture takin by the lovely photographers liz and chelsea. ha` then walked around .. and got beeped at a lot .. haha. but really it was a crazy night. & i saw jordan laird ! omgsh i miss that chick so much - she's so cute !! then my dad called and was like .. yea i'm gonna be three in 15 minutes. even though he told me that he wasn't gonna pick me up from the movies. so when he picked me up on the way home he told me i could have stayed later .. and i was like &%@$ !! lol - then the weirdest thing happened .. my dad's phone recorded our whole convo for like 5 min and then i had a voicemail and it was the same thing that was on my dad's phone ?? weird. yes`

saturday i cleaned then went up to school to see who made the team .. definitley not me .. but that's cool - i honestly didn't care for some reason ?? & then i got jennifer from basketball` yo ! then we went to publix - went home - ate - chilled. you know how we do ;] then later i called lenny and he wanted to go to my aunts with me and jenn to babysit ?? and i was like uhh .. i dunno if my rents will go for that .. so he gets on the phone with my mom .. ? haha & she said sure. so we all went to my aunts for like 4 hours and jennifer supervised us. [ we were good ] lol so then we chilled back at my place .. had some fun with miss jenn & then lenny left at 12 ..

today we woke up & i did homework and yardwork .. ick. then got some pictures developed & now we're chillen. soo holler at us =D


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(no subject)

heyy guys ! sooo sorry i haven't updated in a million years ! i've been so busy with school ; lenny ; and cheer clinic. [ today's tryouts ] & afterwards i'm gonna see a movie with lenny ? .. and tomorrow i have to go up to school to see who made the squad & jennifer has basketball so i'm juss gonna take her home with me to do some chillage ! buttt yea - i will totally update more later

commet !! =D & wish me luck for try outs !!


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(no subject)

heya playa =] well school is on monday .. which i guess is good ; except now i don't feel like going back. oh well.

friday my mom was supposed to take me to miramar but she was like too tired so she told me she take me sunday .. but wtv. so i was at my aunts all day friday then we had to go pick my mom up from the airport then lenny calls me and he's like come pick me up. so i went & picked him up from the mall then we went back to my aunts and everyone left. haha .. so me & lenny are sitting on the couch making out and the phone rang like 49857498576 times. literally it was crazy. so then later we were bored and went for a "walk" haha & it was sooo effing hott. but itwas fun .. ya know we got all hot & sweaty doin' our thanng. ;] so after thattt we played with my cousins and john michael is soo cute he loves lenny. & he told his mom to put up his collar like "wenny" does. haha. ah ; but then lenny had to leave me ..

saturday i woke up nice & early to get my tooth pulled. ick ! but it really was fine except for the fact that i couldn't feel my face for 4 hours. haha. then around 5 lenny came over and we chilled for a bit & we were supposed to go out to dinner with my parents but they decided they wanted to go alone ?? so they dropped us off at bell tower and we went to taste of new york. then at like 8 they picked us up and we rented texas chainsaw massacre & i was like so ready to be scared .. but it wasn't scarry !! haha. then i was left again at like midnight.

today again, my mom was supposed to take me shopping but she didn't feel like it becuase she's going to the damn tim mcgraw concert without me !! who does that ?! haha .. but comment lotz !! =]

&!* ALi

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charrrrrrrley =/

heyyyyyy loversz well .. here's a story for the kidz = friday the 13th we had no school becuase mr.charley the hurricane was comming to visit. so i was like wtv. it will juss be some lame ass storm until we were watchin the news and they were like this is a life threatining storm and all this shat. so we were freaking out becuase we live by the caloosa hatchee & there were supposed to 15+ storm surges .. which meant that my house would be underwater .. so since our house is full of antiques we quickey hauled them all over to my grandmas' then packed everything that meant something to us up and then the whole family went to my grandmas and watched charley.

a couple hours later when the storm was dying down my dad was like lets go for a ride. haha & i was like .. hm .. okay ! =] so we saw all the "devistation" it wasn't pretty. but our house was fine and that's all that mattered. so for the past 3 days weve been at my aunt lyns becuase they live in lehigh and they have power. as for us.. well we don't get power till friday =/ .. but we go back to school thursday ?! so i have to get ready in the dark and take cold showers .. er.

wtv. yesterday i sat in my hot hell hole of a house and lenny came over at like 43o & then we went to dinner and to lehigh then at like 10 we took him to sameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers, dogg =/ yea so he deff left me.

so now i'm at my aunts and i finally get to use the computer .. but i'm gonna go. comment lots. =]] make me happy.

i love addie jones <33
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