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the nervousness is visible

I'm on campus and today is freshman move in, and I'm pretty sure I told a gossiper some stuff that, though I'm not particularly worried if she tells it, was just a stupid move on my part. I suppose I just have to give is time to see how its going to go. Oh, and did I mention it looks like a flood is coming too? Yep. Just lovely. That's what I get for school in New England.

All the poor freshman in the rain. And I'm working in Admissions and Student Aid so I'm seeing all the kids who have issues with money. I don't know how they are dealing with it and leaving the nest. I know my first few days where a serious test of my nerves and emotional constitution. I just want to give them all hugs. And how the mom's and dad's are dealing, some of them you know are worried and about to cry and it just makes me think of my family (which I'm espiecally trying not to do today) and then I get homesick. Oh, memories. I should call mom. She'll have a happy voice.

It sounds like no one is very happy with their hours for work. I know I'm asking for 4 more and I got a lot more hours than most people. Maybe 6 if I feel particularly self-depricating. But I really do enjoy where I work. The ladies are awesome, I've made some really great friends, and always get the best gossip alive. lol.

Inkheart was simply wonderful (even with the extensive changes made from the book) and I think I'm going to watch Australia tonight.
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coffee, tea, me, and *crap* snow

I just made coffee, its still snowing outside, which its wonderful to see everything white, but my my F**'in Gee is it cold outside. 4 layers, thank you very much.

My Gaskell website should be up later tonight. Its nothing like it could be, but its only for class and I had completely limited time. And its 800x600 resolution which killed me. But the paper's going wonderfully. I might link to a copy of it. Anyone interested in reading it? lol, didn't think so.

Watched Persuasion again last night. I'm having a seriously bad junkie fix, swear to God. My rommie said she'd watch it with me tonight. wOOt!! Now THAT'S going be be exciting. (Mainly because she loaths P&P, but loved North and South.)

Alright. I'm trying my first poll! You should vote, since its totally silly.

Poll #1312226 Sexy Voice

Should I use my "sexy voice" when answering the admissions phone?

LMAO! Yes, and give me the number so I can laugh at it in person.
SO unprofessional.
meh, do what you want.
I bet you 10 bucks you won't make it through the first call without laughing.
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and I'm back in the game

For starters. It's been a hell of a two months. And though I will not rehash all of the crazy college drama, I will update on a few bullet points and then rant on some super stuff.

Work. Is fabulous. I'm a mini secretary at the FP admissions hall and its really is a great job. Not all the people are great, but I have tons of fun with those I do work with.

Classes and Question of purpose. Well, they just are. I had a mini breakdown on friday and was basically thinking the whole "what will I do with my life question," but I'm better now. So, school's going good.

It its going good as long as it better not snow here. They keep forcasting it as a possiblity and I just want it to be a hell no.

New York Trip on Novemeber 15. The Lower East Side. I am so excited i don't even have words.

Christmas Fannon wil be happening for Labby this year. The outline is done. Now just to start on it. SO EXCITED.

Rockband 2 isn't as cool as guitar hero song wise, but is the funniest thing to play with people. PS- the foot pedal doesn't like me, but hates one of my roommates. lol

Twilight. Yes I am monsterously excited. More excited now that i've heard some of the soundtrack. I'm pretty sure Michele and I are going to see it at least 3 times.

true blood!Some please tell me they have downloads. PLEASE. I've behind like 4 weeks and really really really want to see it!

Lost in Austen is tres fabulous. I know its crack fannon, and know its silly, but I love it so much its not even possible. I just keep watching episodes 3 and 4 over and over again.