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twilight and vacation

Twilight tonight! By all accounts its going to be as bad as I've thought it could be. He really does sparkle...with chest hair? Come on people. When the book's description is marble David, I just assume you know he needs to wax. Like, you know Michaelangelo totally only liked boys without body hair. And um...are boys at 17 really THAT fuzzy? At least its not Specer Pratt bad, oh wait. It really might be. ;p

Home tomorrow!! I know, I'm going on Thanksgiving break super early, but I think I deserve the break. I still have 3 posters and artwork to design before Tuesday... eww. And three papers to do. That right! My life will be consumed with Wilfred Owen and the Molly Maguries. I'm pretty much sure I won't get to my Elizabeth Gaskell paper till after break.

OH! Target, so I've heard, is having a super-massive sale on everything. This poses problematic because I have just got paid and am a sucker for new clothes... (Twilight at 6.40 or 9.20, which poses an even great problem of shopping and food)

And, if you saw my adventures in New York from last weekend on facebook, it really was awesome. Despite my partner in crime hating almost every moment of the trip. La OY.
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and I'm back in the game

For starters. It's been a hell of a two months. And though I will not rehash all of the crazy college drama, I will update on a few bullet points and then rant on some super stuff.

Work. Is fabulous. I'm a mini secretary at the FP admissions hall and its really is a great job. Not all the people are great, but I have tons of fun with those I do work with.

Classes and Question of purpose. Well, they just are. I had a mini breakdown on friday and was basically thinking the whole "what will I do with my life question," but I'm better now. So, school's going good.

It its going good as long as it better not snow here. They keep forcasting it as a possiblity and I just want it to be a hell no.

New York Trip on Novemeber 15. The Lower East Side. I am so excited i don't even have words.

Christmas Fannon wil be happening for Labby this year. The outline is done. Now just to start on it. SO EXCITED.

Rockband 2 isn't as cool as guitar hero song wise, but is the funniest thing to play with people. PS- the foot pedal doesn't like me, but hates one of my roommates. lol

Twilight. Yes I am monsterously excited. More excited now that i've heard some of the soundtrack. I'm pretty sure Michele and I are going to see it at least 3 times.

true blood!Some please tell me they have downloads. PLEASE. I've behind like 4 weeks and really really really want to see it!

Lost in Austen is tres fabulous. I know its crack fannon, and know its silly, but I love it so much its not even possible. I just keep watching episodes 3 and 4 over and over again.
Coldplay: Viva la Vida

in transit

Driving back to school today. Will take pictures for all.

I didn't really feel this coming until two days ago. And now I'm pre-leaving the family nervous again as always. Which had me up at 3:30, or that was watching physic children too late last night, and I watched some B Tarzan movie with Casper VanDeen. It wasn't that bad actually. Of course, I still don't think my mental state is very balanced thanks to Midnight Sun. I really thought I'd be over Edward by back to school time, and now look what happened. lol.

I'm excited though. There's just still so much do to. I'll see everyone there!
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To the bastards that brought me Midnight Sun

I hope you rot. I hope you're realize just how fucking stupid you were. You couldn't even be assholes to leak it past the meadow scene!!! You're just stupid dumb jerks. And how on earth could you do this to S. Meyer? O.M.G.

That being said. Midnight Sun (what we have of it. I can't get the official draft to work so I only have to chapter 12) is fabulous. I cannot convey the sheer brilliancy of this half-novel. (Or my utter desperation we might never have more.) Edward gets it people. He knows how totally crazy he is about/for/in relation to her. I don't care what anyone says. Ever. I love these two. I love how they fall in love. I love how desperately they love one another. I LOVE how she really does dazzle him from the first time he can't get her out of his head.

Almost better than Twilight itself. And with Edward it feels like we're really getting a story before James and the gang show up. I'm so in love with Alice and Em right now its crazy. THIS was going to be the coolest thing to happen after the series ended. I'm just SO sad we don't get to read all of it. I was having WAY too much fun strolling around in Edward's mind.

Let's hope Stephenie will forgive and realize this hurts her fans just as much as it hurts her. And then lets hope Little Brown offers her a s**t load of money after the movie comes out to finish it.
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Jareth could totally have won a gold medal. In sarcasm

Michael Phelps is the coolest thing to happen to swimming since Ian Thrope. But SO much cooler. One, because he won 8 gold medals for America. Two, he's much cuter. And three, he lives within a 100 mile radius of me. The hope is aLIVE! I'm really sad now that swimming is over. No more gold medal coaster jokes or Katie Hoff ones for me. However! there is hope! The Bennidit Arnold of Gymnastics, Alicia Sacramonie, still has even finals! Jokes abound.

The words. They are killing me. Breaking Dawn Happened and Michele visited and I needed to redirect quite a bit, so Labby at ff.net hasn't been updated in two weeks. But this is more so due to redirection. Sarah's been screaming at me that I've f*cked up her character, and Jareth's just laying back, saying I did that to him ten chapters ago, when he admitted to loving her. WHY!?!?!? lol. It's really not THAT bad, but I wanted things to follow better since the story had changed dractically since my first, long ago, rough write. At least a post is almost ready for this weekend, even if it is late.

Then there is my Washington Essay I really need to type up and finish. And of course there is that new story I've been working on I really want to keep on. So today is cleaning day and writing day. And this all with only 2 weeks left till school starts. Aye me, sad hours seem short when looking at the date book.

And THE AUNTS are coming tomorrow. BOTH. And most likely, kickin' it in my room for the night. Which means, I'm on the air mattress again for the 6th time this week. w00t.

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Breaking Dawn. THE reaction post

Now that I've taken my time reading it -- I would not let it be over in twenty-four hours. I believe I deserved more than that from myself -- and aired through the whole thing to my lovely book buddy(ies) I have completed my reaction post. Its crazy-long, contains well, a good amount of cussing, and spoilers. OF COURSE.

Quick Version overall - FABULOUS. (like seriously, if 6 flags made this a rollercoaster, it would be the THE SH*T.)

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