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omg. not dead

You would think, for the money I actually pay for this journal, I would ues it once in a while. Finally all the craziness of Senior year is calming down to a dull roar and I think I can focus on getting back to online things.

Today is the New Hamsphire Women in Higher Education Leadering Conference that I created the programs for. And its raining. I swear, whenever we do anything for the outside public on this campus is rains. Hard.

I passed my english comp last week :D There was almost no fear with the english comp though; history: I could have seriously been called out. I know my english, on the other hand. It was great. And I got to bring up Gaskell and Austen. Yippie!

I'm thinkin' this layout needs a summer revamp. But that might be way down on the to-do list. I seriously should, you know, write a resume and make a desgin website for the feelance business. Anyone have any good names?

I need to go back through my whole friends list and see who's still here. My friend's page has been lookin' mostly like communities for the last few months. I miss hearing from everyone! Then again, maybe if I posted more that wouldn't happen. Maybe we all just need a little tea party a'la Victorain England to catch up. lol
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and the keys hang like stars over our heads

I have officially become slightly more socially cultured thanks to yesterday's marathon of Mad Men and I have to admit, it is quite fabulous. If for nothing else than the clothes, it is a must see. And John Ham isn't too bad to look at, and the acting is quite fantastic.

Online, I've been doing nothing. Heck, I haven't even really touched my computer for the last 4 days unless it was to randomly update twitter and check facebook. I did however, find some fabulously HUGE promo images from Labyrinth. The one below is now my wallpaper,

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Mom and I and Adam (I know. I can't believe my brother actually went along) went back the school shopping and boy are there some pretty clips and pen and notebooks this season. All flowers and leaves and pretty colors. I can't wait to get back to school and use it all. Really, school shopping day is the only day I look forward to of the whole new school year thing.

EDIT// Why I spend time fighting with a new mood theme I will never know. But its up and running. Finally.
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anyone who touches the deathnote will see me

I think as many of you lovely friends know, I've been kinda, sorta, writing a book since the beginning of this school year. Today feels like a day where I could just write and write and write pages of it down and really get going on the actual story. But alas, I feel as though this burst of true inspiration will not last past the Heather and her roomie Dunkin Donuts breakfast. Absolutely if when I come back the other room mates and destroying the beauty of my clean house.

I'm been trying to figure out Adobe InDesign and it is going poorly. I do have good reasons why I should learn it. Really, I do, but I just am clueless where to start. And I pretty much refuse to ask for help from one of my room mates, she's just an awedul teacher.

So Deathnote movie, huh? It wasn't half bad. I've never read the manga (and really don't have any desire to) but I thought the movie interesting and not nearly as convuluted or just poor as it could have been. I did watch it subtitled instread of dubbed and I think that really helped. The acting was even very good, except for the girls. Ew, the girls. They could have had more direction than "stand there and look sad" geez.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to Spring! It's been wonderful weather-wise here the last few days, today not included. I guess I should stop stalling and either open InDesgin or start my paper. Bets on which one I do?
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gray and snowy

I don't know what's worse: having to read a historical article about the rise of the barbecue in 1950's Canada relating to gender history, or understanding and agreeing with it.


Ps- Michele's going to watch Jane Eyre (2006) with me! Which proves my next blog will be a review about it.

Go read it! It's so I just might get my ass in Grad School for Jane Austen. And if anyone has any ideas on what I should review/compare please let me know! I have quite a list now, but I love to do things people want to see.

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ice storm

Rindge, NH got 6 inches of ice last night. And has most likely lost power for the next 5 days.


Which means I still have 1, all in all. It took us 4 hours to find and open road into Mass to stay with roomie's boyfriend. We are safe, thank God. There's really so much to say, and yet I don't know where to start. Maybe I should get crackin' on that last final.

Pictures soon.
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and I'm back in the game

For starters. It's been a hell of a two months. And though I will not rehash all of the crazy college drama, I will update on a few bullet points and then rant on some super stuff.

Work. Is fabulous. I'm a mini secretary at the FP admissions hall and its really is a great job. Not all the people are great, but I have tons of fun with those I do work with.

Classes and Question of purpose. Well, they just are. I had a mini breakdown on friday and was basically thinking the whole "what will I do with my life question," but I'm better now. So, school's going good.

It its going good as long as it better not snow here. They keep forcasting it as a possiblity and I just want it to be a hell no.

New York Trip on Novemeber 15. The Lower East Side. I am so excited i don't even have words.

Christmas Fannon wil be happening for Labby this year. The outline is done. Now just to start on it. SO EXCITED.

Rockband 2 isn't as cool as guitar hero song wise, but is the funniest thing to play with people. PS- the foot pedal doesn't like me, but hates one of my roommates. lol

Twilight. Yes I am monsterously excited. More excited now that i've heard some of the soundtrack. I'm pretty sure Michele and I are going to see it at least 3 times.

true blood!Some please tell me they have downloads. PLEASE. I've behind like 4 weeks and really really really want to see it!

Lost in Austen is tres fabulous. I know its crack fannon, and know its silly, but I love it so much its not even possible. I just keep watching episodes 3 and 4 over and over again.
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in transit

Driving back to school today. Will take pictures for all.

I didn't really feel this coming until two days ago. And now I'm pre-leaving the family nervous again as always. Which had me up at 3:30, or that was watching physic children too late last night, and I watched some B Tarzan movie with Casper VanDeen. It wasn't that bad actually. Of course, I still don't think my mental state is very balanced thanks to Midnight Sun. I really thought I'd be over Edward by back to school time, and now look what happened. lol.

I'm excited though. There's just still so much do to. I'll see everyone there!