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billie piper: windswept/happy

and the keys hang like stars over our heads

I have officially become slightly more socially cultured thanks to yesterday's marathon of Mad Men and I have to admit, it is quite fabulous. If for nothing else than the clothes, it is a must see. And John Ham isn't too bad to look at, and the acting is quite fantastic.

Online, I've been doing nothing. Heck, I haven't even really touched my computer for the last 4 days unless it was to randomly update twitter and check facebook. I did however, find some fabulously HUGE promo images from Labyrinth. The one below is now my wallpaper,

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Mom and I and Adam (I know. I can't believe my brother actually went along) went back the school shopping and boy are there some pretty clips and pen and notebooks this season. All flowers and leaves and pretty colors. I can't wait to get back to school and use it all. Really, school shopping day is the only day I look forward to of the whole new school year thing.

EDIT// Why I spend time fighting with a new mood theme I will never know. But its up and running. Finally.