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To the bastards that brought me Midnight Sun

I hope you rot. I hope you're realize just how fucking stupid you were. You couldn't even be assholes to leak it past the meadow scene!!! You're just stupid dumb jerks. And how on earth could you do this to S. Meyer? O.M.G.

That being said. Midnight Sun (what we have of it. I can't get the official draft to work so I only have to chapter 12) is fabulous. I cannot convey the sheer brilliancy of this half-novel. (Or my utter desperation we might never have more.) Edward gets it people. He knows how totally crazy he is about/for/in relation to her. I don't care what anyone says. Ever. I love these two. I love how they fall in love. I love how desperately they love one another. I LOVE how she really does dazzle him from the first time he can't get her out of his head.

Almost better than Twilight itself. And with Edward it feels like we're really getting a story before James and the gang show up. I'm so in love with Alice and Em right now its crazy. THIS was going to be the coolest thing to happen after the series ended. I'm just SO sad we don't get to read all of it. I was having WAY too much fun strolling around in Edward's mind.

Let's hope Stephenie will forgive and realize this hurts her fans just as much as it hurts her. And then lets hope Little Brown offers her a s**t load of money after the movie comes out to finish it.