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Merlin, again

The Season Finale was absolutely awesome. That whole Merlin plot line was awesome. The last bit with the dragon? AWESOME.

Is it time for season 3 yet?

PS- I need more Merlin icons.
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Merlin, season two

Why did I wait so long to watch season two?! I'm still not over Lancelot and Guinevere. That episode made my week. I mean, how can you NOT ship these two?

They are absolutely amazing together and they looked so in love. The acting between them makes me as giddy as the Merlin/Arthur bickering. I wish Lancelot was in this season more. One episode each season is absolutely not enough love triangle. AT ALL. That whole "epically bound, forever love" was just wonderful and I got so swept up in Lacelot loving Gwen that I forgot/didn't care that Arthur loved Gwen too. And normally, I root for Arthur. (opps!) Clearly, I have not exceeded my monthy quota of angsty boys yet.

And I love how the Gwen/Arthur romance is progressing. It actually makes me root for them, you know, without completely hating Gwen in the process. This face:

how can you not want that face to have his one true love?
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Point? Always read your mythology

For anyone who does not think True Blood is crack and freakin' amazing crack at that, I ask you to watch episode 209 and 210. I mean, how could this not be crack? And especially 210 because that was just INSANE. And there was no preview for next week; I feel I'm not in on a secret. It's awful. And I think for the first time, really all season, I was rooting for Bill and Sookie. Yay!

I had my first day at work today. It was nice to be back and actually be productive. Like, functioning on a level that will pay me in two weeks. Especially after the student news paper production went until 2am (I left at 1:30) and we found out the stupid thing doesn't need to be in till today at midnight. And there really is no reason for such end-loaded production. None at all.

I also raided the library DVD collection which I'm pretty sure has tripled since last year. I rented out Australia and Inkheart and the old french Beauty and the Beast. I'm so excited!! Those movies, combined with the insanity that is True Blood have made my day. (Not forgetting the Merlin season finale from last night either.)

And because I am particularly proud of my room (I didn't move in first, so I had less choice in placement and side), Collapse )
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I take clouds in my coffee

I've been playing with Merlin caps on and off  for the last two days and still am fighting with my stupid selective color. But I think the attempts are working.

Of course it doesn't help that I keep googling Gaspard Ulliel and thinking that its okay. I really should have never watched Pairs, Je t'aime a few days ago. Mom hates it. Every time she walks into my room I'm watching some new french movie with subtitles. Last night she told me I needed to blink more. lol. 

I mean really, with that hair? A girl could loose it for hours. Even if the diaologue isn't that realistic. Or maybe French boys just walk up to random people at work and  ramble. American boys sure don't do that. Especially about their soul mates.

I'm watching part two of Nicholas Nickleby tonight. This version. Not this version. And I'm super excited. Even for all the death, part two is much more joyful than part one. That, and 2 hours of James D'Arcy is never a bad thing.