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Christmas Break

Merry almost end of break! (I know, that was lame.) I hope everyone had sincerely wonderful holiday breaks. You all deserved some serious wonder this season.

Christmas Break, despite my grand lack of updating, was wonderful. There's been quiet a lot of snow out here which is beautiful (ingore the fact I normally can't stand it) and I've been blissfully between doing nothing and doing something.  

Mom and I watched seasons one and two of Mad Men. I'm pretty sure Mom's more hooked than I am. It was really nice to just stay up till two with your mom watching some throughly amazing tv. I still don't get how she can dislike Don and Pete, but think Roger and Salvator are amazing. I need to get on finding season three for us to watch. Next is True Blood,  which mom wants to watch too. I think I'd rather go back to Mad Men. There's almost too much naked in True Blood to want to watch it with your mom. 

The family finally watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last night. And thank God I didn't re-read that book before I saw the movie. I think my head would have exploded. Instead, I really enjoyed it, although it seemed SUPER slow, and was so exicted we're almost at my favorite part. Nothing is better than the Deathly Hallows. The main problem I have is that now Harry Potter-verse is naggin at me. I'm trying valantly to NOT start reading any fanfiction, but I think its a lost cause.
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It's the best time of the year

It's definately, offically Christmas break. My laptop yet again, is sick like all other long visits home, mom and I went shopping like crazy people yesterday (and it was so fun), and I know at least 3 of my presents.

Can you guess?! Yep! I found out I got both seasons of Mad Men! So happy! I kinda knew I would get it, since it was one of only like 5 things on my christmas list, but I'm still so happy it will be under the Christmas tree. Now I just want to watch it!

I hope everyone's breaks are going just as wonderfully. I know finishing the first semesester of senior year feels pretty surreal to me, but I'm very proud of myself. I offically have my BA in History all done. And its such a weight off my shoulders. I might only have to take 3 real classes next semeseter and that would be really nice.
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and the keys hang like stars over our heads

I have officially become slightly more socially cultured thanks to yesterday's marathon of Mad Men and I have to admit, it is quite fabulous. If for nothing else than the clothes, it is a must see. And John Ham isn't too bad to look at, and the acting is quite fantastic.

Online, I've been doing nothing. Heck, I haven't even really touched my computer for the last 4 days unless it was to randomly update twitter and check facebook. I did however, find some fabulously HUGE promo images from Labyrinth. The one below is now my wallpaper,

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Mom and I and Adam (I know. I can't believe my brother actually went along) went back the school shopping and boy are there some pretty clips and pen and notebooks this season. All flowers and leaves and pretty colors. I can't wait to get back to school and use it all. Really, school shopping day is the only day I look forward to of the whole new school year thing.

EDIT// Why I spend time fighting with a new mood theme I will never know. But its up and running. Finally.