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narnia: kings&queens of old

I wish my mind way clear, and I'm a long, long way off

So, I went for my interview wednesday of last week and I still haven't heard anything back. It was a holiday weekend, they could be really busy, they sounded super interested in having me intern. I really hope he emails me back tomorrow. I'll send an inquiry Thrusday if I don't hear anything. Does that sound reasonable?

Mr roommate came down for the Coldplay concert on Thursday, and that's why I've been MIA for a good week. I didn't even find the time to post to the blog, or read my web comics. I'm all caught up now though, so everything should get rolling again tomorrow. I'm still trying to figure out what I should write about for the blog. I'm thinking of introducing some history into it if I can. But right now, I'm more angry I missed the season finale of Legend of the Seeker. I must watch that tomorrow. And update the scrapbook.

Coldplay was fantastic. The lighting and creativity of the concert was just inspiring and although I didn't feel as though the crowd was 100 percent invested in the concert, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was an outside concert in Hershey and we were delayed about a half hour because of a summer thunderstorm, which was pretty cool if you think about it. Viva la Vida was clearly the crowd favorite (and mine certainly). At the end of the song Chris "died" on stage. He took so long getting up, the crowd though he wanted them to sing to him, so we kept doing the "O's" till he got up. And then they sang I'm a believer and it was so cute. They even gave us their new cd for free (which I kinda already had from their website, but it was a really great gesture nonetheless. I don't have many pictures, my camera fails at night/concert pictures (I'm waiting for Michele to put her's up) but I do have a few pieces of video I posted over on tumbler. The short one is from "fix you" and the longer on is "Viva La Vida". Oh, and one picture from "Yellow" which was so cool: overwhelming yellow lights, and at least 50 yellow ballons for the crowd to bounce during the song was just amazing. I would definately see them again.