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dr. horrible: OOoO evil crooner

I take clouds in my coffee

I've been playing with Merlin caps on and off  for the last two days and still am fighting with my stupid selective color. But I think the attempts are working.

Of course it doesn't help that I keep googling Gaspard Ulliel and thinking that its okay. I really should have never watched Pairs, Je t'aime a few days ago. Mom hates it. Every time she walks into my room I'm watching some new french movie with subtitles. Last night she told me I needed to blink more. lol. 

I mean really, with that hair? A girl could loose it for hours. Even if the diaologue isn't that realistic. Or maybe French boys just walk up to random people at work and  ramble. American boys sure don't do that. Especially about their soul mates.

I'm watching part two of Nicholas Nickleby tonight. This version. Not this version. And I'm super excited. Even for all the death, part two is much more joyful than part one. That, and 2 hours of James D'Arcy is never a bad thing.