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I know I've been annoyingly silent around here this second semester, but finals end for me on Tuesday and then its back to dear PA, and maybe two internships.

But, I got to see Star Trek last night and I saw Wolverine last week, and just had to let everyone know they were pretty much awesome. Although I wasn't as awe-inspired as I had hope to be (first 6 mins of Trek not counting. I cried. Really.) they were hugely enjoyable movies that I would go see again -- and that's big coming from me. After all, who doesn't want to see Karl Urban (to over acting is SO endearing) and Chris Pine as fabulous star commanders? *sigh* Spock was pretty awesome too. Although I think I know who JJ Abrams' favorite character was as a kid. I mean come on, it was like Spock fanfictonesque central. NOT that I'm complaining, cause I not, but did anyone else think that?