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ice storm

Rindge, NH got 6 inches of ice last night. And has most likely lost power for the next 5 days.


Which means I still have 1, all in all. It took us 4 hours to find and open road into Mass to stay with roomie's boyfriend. We are safe, thank God. There's really so much to say, and yet I don't know where to start. Maybe I should get crackin' on that last final.

Pictures soon.
Other: irish hair

"I am determined, Sir"

The school library finally got the new Persuasion in! Seriously, I was so giddy last night, my roommate and her boyfriend took turns watching my giggles, expressions, and blushes: I was that animated while watching it. (LOL!) Out of all the new Austen adaptations, this one had to be the best re-telling for me. Not just because the earlier version are um -- they're not bad -- I guess there's just something about Cpt. Wentworth in this version. So amazing. And sexy. Rupert Penry-Jones can gaze angstily/adoringly into my eyes any day. I still don't like Sally Hawkins as Anne. Okay, I don't like her hair, or her bass-mouth at the end, or her muck up of the "only widow in Bath" line, but other than that, she's wonderful.

And after that I started watching North and South. And I swear every time I watch that movie I dream of John Thorton's voice and the mill. And yeah, totally dreamt of John Thorton's voice last night. *sigh*

I'm so close to the end of the semester-final-paper-sprint. My Molly Maguire papers, for all intensive purposes, are done and my final Experiencing the Arts project is finished. So its just my Elizabeth Gaskell website and paper to write. Which is on her significance as a writer. She created John Thornton so Richard Armitage could play him. There's toally enough signifiance for you. (Oy, fangirl on the loose) But that paper shouldn't be nearly as impossibly taxing as these last two. Alright, back to reading about the depression and the rise of miliant mass unionism for me.

Other: irish hair

bought her paid account back

Oh yes. I finally broke down, desperate for all my old user pics again, and upgraded for another year. Maybe this year I'll get my money's worth.

Anyway, its officially final paper time around here and all the Christmas decorations are almost up. I, of course, have pursued the holiday cheer with a strange amount of vigor this year. Clearly, my annual angry-whilst-tyriptophaning tree/light assembly this year did not deter a festive mood. (Which for the last 3 years it has. Thanks family for making that a Heather-solo piece.) Or its all the Christmas music I've been downloading.